Saturday, April 19, 2008

94 days

...until my due date. I'm not really counting down, one of the baby websites I go to has a little counter for me and I looked at it yesterday.

I feel good, or as good as one feels with a growing belly and a little person on the inside kicking and punching all day long. I'm starting to get a little short of breath with my organs pushing up around my lungs, but it's not too bad, yet.

I went to the doctor last week for my 26 week check up. My blood pressure was high but came down when I laid on my left side. Seems my poor little kidneys are getting squished but I can help them out by laying down on my left side. God foresaw this problem and that's why my hours were reduced at work. I feel best in the mornings so off to work I go and around the time I start feeling tired my 5 hours are up and I'm heading home where I curl up in bed and watch tv until Peanut gets home from school (and sometimes until Nickel comes home). She's loving being able to walk home from school, but I go pick her up if it's raining, that's what moms do, right?

My parents came for a visit last weekend. They brought the baby crib with them. The crib originally was my cousin Kacy's. She's almost 17 now. When my oldest niece was born they gave (sold?) the crib to my parents and every grandkid has spent some time in it, but with 5 grandkids already in a three bedroom house there's just not enough room to put it up for the half dozen times we visit a year so they brought the crib to me. My daddy was nice enough to put up a new door on Peanut's room. It had been ripped down by an angry three year old about 5 years ago and never replaced. They did other odd projects around the house for me. You see, the house is my territory and the outside is Nickel's. If there's a car problem, he'll fix it. If the grass needs mowed and pinecones picked up, he'll do it. If the blinds need replaced in the kitchen... well, that falls under my territory and it just wasn't something I could with this ever growing belly. I think my daddy really enjoyed helping out his little girl. I told Nickel we'll be the ones helping Peanut out someday, after she moves out!

My mom and I also managed to squeeze in some shopping. She helped me start a registry at Walmart since I couldn't convince Nickel to spend that much time in WallyWorld. A friend had alerted me to a sale they were having, lots of baby clothes marked down to just $1! I think we picked up 20 or so pieces in different sizes. Even if Baby Boy doesn't wear everything a dozen times they were only a dollar!

This weekend I plan on being lazy. Oh, I might do a couple of loads of laundry just because I only have so many days worth of maternity clothes, but I don't plan on going overboard on the house work. Peanut is trying to get on my good side so she can use the computer so she's picking up the living room as I type! Being pregnant has it's advantages!