Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye 2006

Peanut tried to see me insurance today. I don't know when she found the time to get her insurance licence between being a teacher and part-time doctor. The insurance she was selling today was Light Insurance. You see, the insurance is free if you buy the light bulbs from her for $5.99 each. Now if I light goes out she'll replace them for just $5.99, the price of new insurance. Maybe she's on to something here.
Ok, so one of the things I asked Santa for was some pictures of my childhood. Santa was very kind and my brother and I both got some CDs full of pictures. I'm having so much fun looking at them!

Wanna see a cute picture? Well, too bad, here it is anyway.

I don't remember why my mom was taking a picture of my dad but I knew that I wanted to hug him at that moment so I ran up to him and grabbed his leg.
Goodbye 2006, year of our Lord. You were very intersting to say the least.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vacation time!

Christmas was wonderful, of course. Baby Jesus made it safely into the world and that's always a good thing. There were lots of toys from Santa and his elves. That's bonus. Here's a picture of one of the presents Santa left for me and Nickel (but he thinks it's his). Nickel's brother worked for Dell and was able to get lots of stuff cheap!
We're having a lot of fun trying to figure it out. One thing we have determined. If we're going to be doing a lot of writing (like blogging) it makes more sense to just use our PCs. I also got a couple of new necklaces. One from my mommy and one from my Peanut, both dragonflies. You know what they say about great minds and all. Nickel got me some chocolate. He's a good man. Cheap, but good.

This week I've been trying to put my house in order, even though it doesn't look like it. Right now it looks like a crowded mess but I'm not making any plans for tomorrow or Friday so hopefully I'll be able to bring a sense of normalcy back to my house. One of the benefits of being a Church Chick is getting the week between Christmas and New Year's off, with pay, without using vacation time! I've had to go in twice this week, but I didn't mind because it was my choice. We got a new Xerox for the office and I wanted to be there when they delivered it and then I left, even though I knew it was basically unusable by the girl who needed it to print out stuff for the bulletin. I went in today to talk to Tech Support to get it on the server and usable for at least me and her, everyone else will have to wait until next Wednesday!

We haven't had as many problems with Peanut lately...well, until this week. She was very disappointed after having 4 Christmases to find that Santa only left one present for her under the tree. It didn't even matter that it was a Penguin. We explained to her the reason there were normally more presents was because all of the presents from us were in there too and that Santa has only left one present, unwrapped, every year. We knew that after doing Christmas with three grandmas in two days that she would be exhausted so we let her open all her presents from us on Saturday before the grandma(and Papa)-fest. Peanut got lots of penguin stuff including 3 of the penguins from Happy Feet, a Happy Feet calendar, and a knitted penguin. She got other cool stuff too, and would you believe the only clothing type items she got was a scarf, hat, and gloves? I was amazed. Of course we didn't buy her any clothes because she has plenty, but none of the grandmas did either and they ususally buy one outfit each. I'm not complaining, it was just intersting to me.

Well, I hope you're enjoying your last week of 2006. If you're not then you can soon put this year behind you and start over with a new year!

Well, until we pass this way again, may the Lord bless you and keep you that you may grow in His love and know His peace.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Christmas Blessing

Oh Lord, bless this Christmas season with peace and joy,
Grant that each visitor to this page may reflect on Your goodness.
Rid each heart of fear and distress, loneliness and pain, leaving only
The serenity and security of resting in Your everlasting love.
In the precious name of Your Son, we pray, Amen.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Things to do

1. Clean off desk to look presentable and organized

2. Pay all the bills that are sitting there looking at me.

3. File.

4. Eat cookies in break room.

Somehow I don't see me getting much done today.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

All church-y stuff

Ok, so last Sunday night we took Peanut to our live Nativity and Hanging of the Green ceremony. It was Peanut's year to play Mary but she really wanted to be an Angel instead. Either of the characters would be a stretch for her but they let her play an angel. So the actors come out of the youth house all dressed up and JD started reading the Christmas story. In walks Mary and Joseph. Mary takes a seat on the hay and when it gets to part where she gives birth...well, Mary reaches around back and whips out a baby from her back pocket.

I couldn't help it. I guffawed! Then the angels were announced. There Peanut stood in all her 45 inches with wings that dragged the ground standing next to the other angel who was head and shoulders (and wings) taller then her. I guffawed again.

Next walked in the three Wise Men Guys. They gave their gifts to the baby and stood there. They had enough gold tinsle "bling bling" to make a rapper jealous. I, and others, laughed so hard but God bless JD, he didn't stop reading the story. I kept waiting for the wise guys to bust a move, but they behaved themselves!

Then we went inside to do a little singing and "hang the green" or decorate the tree. The instructions were that a couple people should come up, hang up their decorations, sit down, and a couple more come up. Well, in less then 2 minutes all the decorations were on the tree. I think I need to hire these kids to decorate my tree next year, it took me three days!!!

Ok, now skip ahead to Wednesday night choir practice. We have a lot of fun and crack a lot of jokes. But we were working very hard on a piece we were trying to get ready for Sunday morning. It's a beautiful piece that starts out with the Sapranos and Altos singing "Veni Veni Remptdor" after singing it through I gave Doc a puzzled look and told him there was a misprint in my book. He looked at me puzzled and I said, "Isn't it suppose to say Venti Venti Macchiato?" He gave me the baby cow in a hail storm look(rolled his eyes back into his head) then we proceeded to sing it again until he was satisified it was ready for Sunday morning. The coffee girl sitting next to me laughed, that was good enough for me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


No, Uncle Joe, that title of today's post does not mean 'Single White Cow' or 'Solid While Cold' or even 'Seen With Catwoman'. But thanks for asking.

Actually SWC means Strong-Willed-Child. I have one of these said children. Have you ever met a strong willed child? I have. I know one quite well. If there were a picture in the dictionary next to Strong Will Child here is what it would be.
Strong willed children are very intersting. A prime example would go something like this.

Once upon a time there was a strong willed child. She loved playing with her baby dolls, her friends, and her dog. One day the strong willed child was playing with a baby doll when her beautiful mother told her it was time to do her homework. The little girl did not want to do her homework because she wanted to play with her doll instead. After the third time of telling the strong willed child to do her homework the beautiful mother took the doll and stroller away. The strong willed child was quite upset and began throwing a fit. She screamed. She yelled and she stomped through the house. The beautiful mother tried to talk calmly to the strong willed child to get her to calm down but the strong willed little girl could think of nothing except playing with her doll and not doing her homework. Time went on and the screams got louder, the yelling got longer, and stomping became hitting and kicking. The beautiful mother held the little girl until the patient father could stand no more and put the strong willed child into the shower. The water was cool and not what the strong willed child wanted. After a few moments the patient father turned the water off and the beautiful mother and patient father walked into the other room. The strong willed child was still focused on getting her doll and not doing her homework. The parents of the strong willed child finshed up fixing supper and ate their meal. The strong willed child was offered her supper but she refused. The lights went out and the strong willed child went to bed. The homework was not done, but she did not get the doll back either. But have no fear, the beautiful mother and the patient father still have her homework and it will be done tonight because even though the mother is quite beautiful, she also has quite the strong will herself. The End.
So, do you have strong willed children in your life? Are you a strong willed person yourself? How do you deal?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

And fun was had by all?

Well, I don't know that I'd go far as to say fun was had by ALL. Last night was my staff Christmas party. I picked up the babysitter around 6 and dropped her off at an empty house. Peanut was out at a Christmas party of her own but was to shortly be delivered. As Nickel and I pulled out of the drive way I told him that I had a headache. It didn't get any better. In fact as the evening went by it got worse and worse almost to point where I felt like throwing up every time I stood up. We played an intersting game of Chutes and Ladders. See, the church bought each of us a $20 gift card to somewhere. There were lots of cool ones like Starbucks, Davincis (another coffee place) Chili's, Applebees, etc. Then there were the not so cool ones like the grocery store and Walmart, but hey free money is free money. But as we landed on our number we had to exchange our card with whatever the instructions said (like who you'd least like to see in hot pink lipstick or three to your left or office closest to yours or your spouses). Well, seeing how there were 13 of us the game took forever. Not good for my already pounding headache. I tried not to let it get the best of me though and did pretty well at ignorning it pounding. After what seemed like 3 hours we were all pretty tired of playing the game. Several people came close to winning but they'd end up going down a chute causing the game to go on and on. Finally I was just 6 spaces from the end and E rolled a 6 and gave it to me. The last instruction was to get whatever card I wanted and the rest of them were frozen. So what did I get?

Starbucks, of course! Gotta feed this Carmel Macchiato obsession!

Headache still here this morning, but it's almost gone. I'm sure after I take a nap this afternoon I'll feel much better!!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Weird Things Schmierd Things

THE RULES: Each player of this game starts with the '6 weird things about you.' People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog."I got tagged by The Gobholiest Girl- Susiebadoozie, and I stole at least one of her weird things, because I can, that's why.

6. At any given time, I have a food fetish, where I crave one particular thing, eat it all the time, then move onto something else. Right now, its a Carmel Macchiato and a slice of Pumkin Loaf from I mean the South Office for breakfast every morning.

5. Sometimes my humor is like a fine wine. Dry. I love sarcasim and use it as often as possible. But I don't think of myself as a funny person, but I do love to laugh.

4. I can't see very well without my glasses but if I'm holding a conversation with someone I will often take my glasses off.

3. At work I will often have 4-10 programs open so I look busy. Somtimes I'm actually using them all though.

2. I like to watch snow fall but otherwise I hate it.

1. I have a car named Gia to help me remember my tag number.

Ok, the 6 I'm going to tag are the ones that have most recently posted comments on my blog and to my knowledge have not been tagged by anyone else. If you have, well just leave me a comment and let me believe that I was the one that tagged you:

Uncle Joe (maybe now you can be popular too)
Aunt Jo


If you're not on this list and really really want to play along too you can. I'm a nice person and I don't mind.

I feel like I should say more but there are just no more words to be said or typed or read so

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Eating Tips

I'm in a bit of a funky mood so I'll just give you some holiday tips that were passed on to me yesterday.

1. Avoid carrot sticks. Anyone who puts carrots on a holiday buffet table knows nothing of the Christmas spirit. In fact, if you see carrots, leave immediately. Go next door, where they're serving rum balls.

2. Drink as much eggnog as you can. And quickly. Like fine Single-malt scotch, it's rare. In fact, it's even rarer than single-malt Scotch. You can't find it any other time of year but now. So drink up! Who Cares that it has 10,000 calories in every sip? It's not as if you're going To turn into an eggnog-alcoholic or something. It's a treat. Enjoy it. Have one for me. Have two.

3. If something comes with gravy, use it. That's the whole point Of gravy. Gravy does not stand alone. Pour it on. Make a volcano out of your mashed potatoes. Fill it with gravy . Eat the volcano. Repeat.

4. As for mashed potatoes, always ask if they're made with skim milk or whole milk. If it's skim, pass. Why bother? It's like buying a sports car with an automatic transmission.

5. Do not have a snack before going to a party in an effort to control your eating. The whole point of going to a Christmas party is to eat other people's food for free. Lots of it. Hello?

6. Under no circumstances should you exercise between now and New Year's. You can do that in January when you have nothing else to do. This is the time for long naps, which you'll need after circling the buffet table while carrying a 10-pound plate of food and that vat of eggnog.

7. If you come across something really good at a buffet table, like frosted Christmas cookies in the shape and size of Santa, position yourself near them and don't budge. Have as many as you can before becoming the center of attention. They're like a beautiful pair of shoes. If you leave them behind, you're never going to see them again.

8. Same for pies. Apple. Pumpkin. Mincemeat. Have a slice of Each. Or if you don't like mincemeat, have two apples and one pumpkin. Always have three. When else do you get to have more than one dessert? Labor Day? I didn't think so.

9. Did someone mention fruitcake? Granted, it's loaded with the mandatory celebratory calories, but avoid it at all cost. I mean, have Some standards.

10. One final tip: If you don't feel terrible when you leave the Party or get up from the table, you haven't been paying attention. Re-read tips; Start over, but hurry, January is just around the corner.

Remember this motto to live by: Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways chocolate in one hand, Oreo Bon Bons in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

Have a great holiday season!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lady Gas

*Peanut went with Daddy last night to get me a drink from Sonic. Later he told me what she said.*

Daddy!!! My belly hurts. I think I'm going to throw up! OoooooOooOOooooOooh, my belly!


Oh, I guess I just had LADY GAS.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

*snow* *snow* *snow*

The snow's coming down pretty good now. The weather man says we'll probably be one of the hardest hit areas in Oklahoma today. Peanut's school of course was canceled and my job follows the Enid Public School when it comes to bad weather so we have the day off too, which is good because otherwise Peanut would have to go to work with me and that's not so fun for either of us. Nickel even got snowed out so he came home and too us to grab a few essentials. First stop, Hastings where we dropped about $80 in movies, games, a puzzle, and a couple of Christmas presents that I was intending on picking up this weekend anyway. Then we hit the grocery store.

I hope we have enough junk food to last us through the snow storm! I even bought the kitties, dogs, and birds some food. Speaking of my dog, he's loving this weather. When we got home he came running up to us and had the biggest smile on his face. He loves snow!

I took this picture from inside the house and this is a good of zoom as I could get of Snoogans the Eskimo snow dog! He was checking out his friends next door.

Here's a picture from back in January, see how much my doggy loves snow and his girl! Ok, this post is long enough. I think I need some chocolate. I hope I can find some!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Growing up I always longed for a Christmas tree that I could have in my room. I wanted a short fat white tree with beautiful gold ornaments. When I was big enough my mom started letting me help put up the tree until she finally just gave me the job while she cooked us up something yummy in the kitchen. I loved being able to express my creativity and enjoyed the history of each ornament. The sled I made in school. The picture I took when I was four, the photographer was the first black person I remember ever seeing and I bit my lip almost the whole time because I was so shy. The toy soldier. The little bear. The angel with her multicolored lights. But to have my own, I was never so lucky that I can remember. Which, looking back is partly my own fault, I lived in the woods, why didn't I just go cut one down? I must not have thought of it.

Tonight I had to go shopping for a new tree. The one we've been using is a 6 foot tree that I bought our first Christmas when we were dirt poor just months before Peanut was born and had seen a cat or two. So last year I bought a cute little 4.5 footer when they were on sale. It was one of those prelit ones that are so popular. We set it up last night all ready to decorate but the middle strand of lights would not work, despite Nickel's best efforts. I attempted in vain to return the sucker but ol' Wally World would not take back my never before used tree because it had been about 7 months too long. I could have pitched a fit right there in the store like most people do, but I was resolved to not be immature and instead just left. I brought it home. I might still use it and just put a strand of lights there where they're not working. But because Wally World would not even consider helping me (they are the ones that sold me a defective tree they could have at least given a partial credit) I decided to not purchase my next tree from them. I hate Wally World anyway and am now refusing to buy any of my Christmas presents from them. This will not break their bank, they didn't blink an eye the last time I refused to buy anything from there for 6 months, its just the principle of the thing.

Ok, where was I? I need to get off this rant on Wally World. Oh yes, shopping for a new tree. After picking up Peanut from her after-school care we headed over to Hobby Lobby where the trees are 40% off this week. We wondered around and I finally picked a (non prelit) 7.5 tree. Nickel told me that he can't figure me out, first I bought a shorter one then I bought a tall one. I said, "yeah, what's your point?" Men, they just don't get it, do they? Hello! Hee hee hee!!! My real reasoning is after seeing just how short the 4.5 footer was I decided I didn't really want our main tree to be that short.

Anyway, back to my story, I picked out a tree. Peanut and I continued to peruse through the holiday cheer and came across some really cute trees. They had black ones, they had fushia ones, they had silver ones, they had the boring traditional ol' green ones, but they also had this pretty light pink one. Peanut fell instantly in love with this tree. "Please, Momma, PLEASSSSSSEE!" she said. I caved. I understood her feelings. I too longed for my own tree at that age. It was only $19.99. *cough, cough* Well, that's more then I paid for the little one that didn't work last year but it's so cute I couldn't say no. We picked out some ornaments. She wanted to go all crazy and put ornaments that just did not look good, but we agreed that since I was paying for all of it I had the final say in what she got. When she's older and wiser I'll release the reins a little. This is the girl who tries to get away with wearing lime green shorts with a red shirt and brown cowboy boots because "red and green look good together and the boots are her favorite". Sometimes being the mom and having veto power is good. Well, of course we had to decorate it tonight before we could even do homework. My 7.5 footer is still in the box. I had church and choir practice tonight but if we get the 1-12 inches of snow and they cancel school we'll have something to do tomorrow besides build snow forts and snow families and have snow ball fights and drink hot chocolate!

Oh, I almost forgot. Here's a picture of Peanut with her pretty pink tree. You can't really see the ornaments, they're silver disco-balls! There's a little white angel towards the top and there is a star on top, but I guess I cut it out of the picture by mistake. Peanut's hoping that Santa will leave all her presents under her tree. Santa and I may talk and see what we can do.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Name Calling

My husband shows his affection by calling me names. Thursday he told me I was an old lady. I begged his pardon, I am 10 years his junior. His reply, 'only old women get up at 5 am to start cooking lunch'. Well, if that's his standards of old, then I guess I am. At least when we're hosting Thanksgiving at our house and I procrastinated until the last minute.

Later though he called me trashy. Again I begged his pardon and he replied, 'this is the third bag of trash I've taken out today.' Well, I'd rather him take it out then to leave it in the house.

I was polite and didn't call him a single name all day. Aren't you proud of me?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Photo Caption Contest

My computer is assembled, but I'm sitting on the floor, the screen is on the bottom shelf of a table, the keyboard is in my lap and I have to wear my glasses to even see the screen. My belly has so much good food in it that the floor is being most uncomfortable. Therefore I think we need a good photo caption contest. I've been saving these pictures for a time just like this. Ok, first you need to get in the right mood. Close your eyes. Wait, if you close your eyes you can't read or see the pictures. Ok, read this and before looking at the pictures close your eyes until you can hear the banjo music.

Got it? Ok, here we go. Let me say, that I do think this bride looks beautiful on her big day. The groom...well, you'll see.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


pro‧cras‧ti‧nate[proh-kras-tuh-neyt, pruh-] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation verb, -nat‧ed, -nat‧ing.
verb (used without object) defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.
–verb (used with object) put off till another day or time; defer; delay.

[Origin: 1580ƒ‚–90; <>prōcrāstinātus (ptp. of prōcrāstināre to put off until tomorrow, equiv. to prō- pro-1 + -crāstināre, deriv. of crāstinus of tomorrow; crās tomorrow + -tinus suffix forming adjs. from temporal advs.); see -ate1]

This is what I'm doing tonight. Or is it what I'm not doing? Either way I have guests arriving in 36 hours give or take and of that 36 hours I plan on sleeping at least half of those hours (that'd average out to 9 hours a night) and I wonder if my house will ever get clean. I think that was a run on sentence, but I'm getting tired and don't really care. I need to clean off the computer desk. Put the dead plant in the trash (yes, the Fresh-Cut Flowers Girl has a dead plant taking up space in her dining room. sue me). Disassemble my computer (so I'll have to use Nickel's which doesn't alert me to new emails as soon as they hit my inbox which might cause some angst) and move to the laundry room along with all my CDs and stuff. Move the computer desk to the other side of the room, find a table to sit my family at Thursday. I need to vacuum. I need to hit the nasty spots with the carpet shampooer I borrowed a week and a half ago from a really good friend who probably wants the shampooer back this year. I need to make another pumpkin cheese cake. I need to iron the table cloths. I need to catch the laundry up and put it all away beelse else in my house seems to want to do it. I need to find some chairs for my family to sit on while eating from the table I have yet to find. I need to...well, honestly, I need to get up off my rear end and just go do it. There I said it. Are you happy now?

Since I might not be able to be online for a couple of days (and you'll know why if I am...or not) I thought I'd leave you this:

The RevGalBlogPals have deemed this weekend a Delurking Weekend so you MUST confess to stalking my blog. I want to know who you are if you are visiting my blog, unless of course you don't like it then you don't have to comment I guess. If you have nothing else to say, say something funny and off the wall. I like a good chuckle.

Behave while I'm cleaning house!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Search Engines at work

LOL! My friend Susie posted about the strange search engine searches that come up for her blog. So I had to check mine out. They cracked me up!

21.05% blonde betty (gee, I call myself a blonde betty one time and my hits jump through the roof. What's up with that?)

21.05% i like big bucks (hee hee hee, funny song.)

10.53% fresh flowers for hair (I like baby's breath and fresia myself but a hibicus will give you that exoctic tropical look)

5.26% joanie a. rabbit, oklahoma (I don't know her, but I hope they find her)

5.26% making penguin sound (Peanut can do this if you need her to)

5.26% a picture of robin scorpios hair at luke and lauras wedding (she looked pretty, didn't she!)

5.26% fresh cut flowers (oh...well, that probably has something to do with my blog name)

5.26% ecclesiastes 3 1-8 (one of my favorite scriptures)

5.26% i am insecure about my looks (well, I'm not sure who you are but I do know that God made you just like you are and we all have difficulty feeling secure about our looks at one time or another)

5.26% what is a secure, insecure person (a secure person is just an insecure person faking security, trust me.)

5.26% shh there's a secret (yes, there is, but I'm not going to tell you)

5.26% lord's table captives liquid day what did you eat (well, since on the liquid day you get to get one real meal I skipped breakfast, usually opting for a slim fast or a smoothie, then I would eat a sensible lunch because I usually have lunch with my friends and for dinner I would have soup, usually chicken broth or tomato. Sometimes I would go to Starbucks and order a strawberries and creme frapaccino for dinner. This isn't exactly the best way to loose weight (the frapaccios and slim fast I mean), but it worked for me.)

What crazy searches come up for your blog?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thought for the day

I once heard a brilliant speaker talk about Romans 8. During his explination this is what stood out to me and sometimes I need to be reminded of it.

[God] sees the real you. Undressed, no costumes, no pretense, and He loves you. He knows why you are hurting. He knows why you do the stupid things you do. He sees every mess up. And yeah, you're a mess, but you're His mess. And nothing you could do could ever seperate you from His love.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie

Thanks Dr Mike for brightening up these pictures for me.

A cold front blew through last night but before it did these black birds came. There were hundreds of these blackbirds on the utility lines at one of the busy intersections in town. These birds fascinate me. I pulled into the bank's parking lot to take a couple pictures while the rest of the town drove past. The birds were sitting together making the utility lines look 3X thicker then normal. One would fly off the they next one would hop down the line to close the gap. There was an orchestra of chatter between these birds then something would happen and a whole flock would fly off at once circle the grocery store across the street and come back and start the chatter all over again. So now I can't seem to get that nursery rhyme out of my head. Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye. Four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I went to the South Office today and ordered my favorite warm coffee and a slice of Pumpkin Bread. Breakfast of Champions, you know. Of course to shield myself from the cool winds that are whipping down the plains I went through the drive-thru. I get my stuff and off to work I go with a happy warm cup in my hand. I get to work and start drinking said happy warm cup and it's a little odd. Hmm... I think too much whip cream? I march my not quite awake bo-hind into the supply room and search for a spoon. I started stirring odd-happy warm cup and discover the reason behind the odd taste.

There is NO. COFFEE.

For some odd reason when I pay an absurd amount of money for coffee I want there to actually be SOME coffee in it. So I had to take my little not quite awake bo-hind back out into the cool winds that go whipping down the plains, and go back to South Office. This time I walked in and asked them politely to put some coffee in my coffee. They were embarrassed. I mean, their whole purpose for being to provide people with absurd costing coffee! Needless to say I'm back at work now and have almost finished my happy warm cup of (coffee tasting) goodness. I'll be my normal self in no time!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Caption Contest

I know you know what to do. Now, lets not be hateful!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


This just in from Peanut.

There are no horses in Missouri!

Just thought ya'll would like to know. I'm not sure who her source is but she thinks they are very reliable. Hmm.. I wonder if its the same person who told her all about the penguins and other animals she educated me about back in May. Nor do I know how this information will effect your day, but it sure made me sigh with relief. I mean, we can't have horses running around all willy-nilly in Missouri, now can we?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Funny Stuff

Remember this picture from the caption contest this summer (don't stress if the picture doesn't load you'll have another chance to see it)? Well, our dear friend EmmaSometimes has gone beyond the call of duty and taken this to extremes and posted about it. Go read her story, it's too funny!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Sometimes I hate not having an ipod. I don't know that I'd really listen to it that often if I had one. But there are times that I wish I did. Like tonight. I'd like to listen to some, shall we say secular music. Oh well, even Yahoo's music only wants to play christian and classical music to me. Oh well, there could be worse things.
So Thanksgiving is at my house this year. My parents probably won't be able to come. This really disappoints me but there's nothing I can do about it so I'll just go on. I'm not sure what to fix. I could be really boring and fix what we normally have every year, ham and all the trimmings. But something inside me really wants to have bbq instead. I guess I could do both, huh? We can have left overs. I'm also going to fix a pumpkin cheesecake thing that sounds really good. I'll let you know how it turns out. What are you having for Turkey Day?
I've been tweaking around with my page. Did you notice? I wish I was more creative. Wait, I am creative, I just don't have time or desire to sit down and make it look as snazzy as I'd really like so this'll have to do for now.
I finally named my car. Her name is Gia. Nickel looked at me like I was talking Greek when I told him. But after explaining how I came up with the name he just shook his head at me. He's such a boy!
Ah... Seven Mary Three just came on. I'm a happy little girl now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blonde Betty?

Yesterday: I got my hair cut. See how brown it is. I have some natural golden highlights, but in the light this picture was taken you can't really see them. Then I got the bright idea I needed more hightlights.

Before: I decided to add a few little highlights to my hair today. Oops. I guess I got carried away. It came out just a tad too blonde. I don't think I look good blonde. Nickel told me to just act dumb and everything would be good. Um, no!

After: A quick trip to the store to buy some brown and it's more tolerable. Still just a little more blonde then I want, but my hair's been through enough today so it'll just have to work. The brown is one of those that only last through 24 washes so by the time it washes out I can redo it to cover more of the blonde. Good plan, huh?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Just some random stuff

Ok, my little blue pills are working today... hee hee hee.... I don't really take the little blue pills.
OMG! Today was Peanut's last soccer game. I put new batteries in the camera. Layed it on the table next to my keys. Then walked out the door without it. Of course.

It was an awesome game. If you've never watched little kids play soccer, shame on you. It is the most entertaining thing in the world. Most of the girls on Peanut's team have played together for 3 seasons now. That's really a good thing because they are learning to anticipate what their team mates will do. One of the girls was super shy her first season. She didn't want to get out on the field, didn't want to kick the ball, didn't want to talk. Now, we have to make her sit out a few minutes and rest! She also one of our strongest players. Here's a picture I took last spring. The shortest one is the only one that wasn't on the team this year but we added two others, who are obviously not pictured here. They rocked today. It was a close game the whole time and ended up tied. In U7 soccer they don't offically keep score but of course the parents do. This game ended in a tie 9-9. One of our girls had a Hat trick today. Too fun!
Halloween has come and gone, but we have enough candy to last until Easter!
Peanut was a witch for Halloween. I braided her hair the night before to make it crimped like that. She had a hat but by the time this picture was taken she had lost it. It was in my office at work so I might make her dress back up one of these days and "re-do" her halloween picture.
Here's a new picture of me. I might change my profile pic. Nah, I like the brown eyes.
Even broke little girls need to have pretty hair. I got some long bangs today. Whatcha think? Am I one sexy momma? I'm trying to let the back of my hair grow out, but it's a slow process. By the time it gets to the lenght I want it I hate it so I wack it off. Oh well. Someday I'll have long hair again.
And what random post is truely random without a deep thought by Jack Handy?

I bet a fun thing would be to go way back in time to where there was going to be an eclipse and tell the cave men, "If I have come to destroy you, may the sun be blotted out from the sky." Just then the eclipse would start, and they'd probably try to kill you or something, but then you could explain about the rotation of the moon and all, and everyone would get a good laugh.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A little out of character? Maybe not.

My dear friend Susie at the Gobhole has inspired me. Not sure that's a good thing. Perhaps we can take a vote. For those of you that think this following post is good raise your hands.
Hmm... I see.

Ok, here's the product of my inspiration.

She posted this picture (and gave me permission to post it here) and upon seeing this picture the radio inside my head changed from the sweet calm music to Sir Mix A Lot's "Baby Got Back" only some of the words changed, here is what played in my head:

Oh my ga, Becky, look at that buck
It is so big
It looks like one of those hunter guys trophys
Who understands those hunter guys
They only get dressed up to climb a tree, ok?
I mean that buck
It's just so big
I can't believe it's so pointy
It's just out thereI mean, it's gross
Look, it's just so ugly
I like big bucks and I can not lie
You other hunters can't deny
That when a deer walk under shakin’ that tail
And a large rack on that head
You wake up
Wanna pick up that gun
Cuz you notice that buck it needs a good stuffin’
And on the wall to hang.
Deep in the woods it’s walking
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh, baby I wanna kill ya
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But with that rack you got
You so horny
Ooh, rub all of that fur
You say you wanna get in my truck
Well stand still, stand still cuz I'm goona kill ya.

About the time I got to the end of the first verse I was able to change the song. Probably a good thing. I think I'll go look for my pretty blue pills....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The End

...of the soccer season is quickly approaching. Peanut's team is scheduled to play Thursday at 5 pm, she has ballet from 3:45-5 so we're not going to that game. That means that her last game will be Saturday! This is exciting and a little sad at the same time. Sad because I've forgotten my camera each week and still haven't had a chance to take the girls' pictures at all. Sad because we have family coming in this weekend to catch the game and I have a very messy house and no time to clean it. But exciting because I don't have to worry about planning my weekends around her soccer schedule. Exciting because it's getting colder outside and if anyone has ever played soccer you know it's 10 degrees cooler on the field then the rest of the town, no lie.

So, here it is Wednesday. I don't have an ounce of energy but am going to muster something because I need to clean the house. At least the rooms people will see. Too bad I don't have time to clean carpets. Maybe I'll get that done before Thanksgiving. I talked Claudia, Nickel's cousin's wife the other night. They live in Texas and have three kids but she got excited when I told her I wanted her to come up for Thanksgiving. I have my fingers, legs, toes, and eyes crossed. I think she's my long-lost-older-latina twin. If the government were to tap our phone and listen in to one of our conversations they'd be lost in about 30 seconds. We change subjects two to three times a minute and can resume a previous subject without any notice. We totally misspeak but the other always knows what we meant. It's wonderful!

Well, my house isn't getting any cleaner with me sitting here bloggin with ya'll. So, good night! Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite. But if they do, bite them back!

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Crazy Idea?

I'm semi-famous for coming up with Crazy Ideas. When I say to Nickel, "I've got an idea" he looks around for something to hold on to because he knows I'm going to be a whirlwind of activity until it plays out. Sometimes my idea die as soon as they are spoken, other times they take on a life of their own.

My latest, crazy idea is about Thanksgiving. It's coming up as quick as can be you know. Well, a few days ago Nickel suggested we invite my folks up for Turkey Day then we added his mom and uncle to the guest list but now... Now I have this crazy idea of inviting all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. When my grandmother was alive we met at her one bedroom house (as many as 30 but usually closer to 20) and we loved it. We learned to dress in layers because that many people in one house with the oven going tends to get warm. But I loved it. Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve were my favorite times of the year. Since 1997 we haven't been together for a holiday and every year I find myself more and more sad. But this year...But this year I have this crazy idea of inviting my whole family, which is closer to 40 now. But you can't tell Nickel, ok? I haven't had a chance to mention it to him. Oh, he'll be fine with the idea. I might leave out the number of people I'm inviting because he doesn't realy like crowds but I know that many people won't show up. But it'd be really cool if they did.

Well, I'm off to get ready for work. I must stay focused here. If I plan to do anything I better do my work so I can plan, right? Oh, if you're religious please pray for me. If you're not, just think happy thoughts for me, ok? Thanks.

I'll keep you updated if there's anything to post.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Phriday Photo

I'm not really looking for captions this week. I just thought you might enjoy some pictures I recieved in an email this week.
This is actually my favorite one. We use to have an iguana named Mickey Mouse (Peanut named him when she was 2 so what do you expect). I miss that little guy. The lizard in the picture isn't an iguana but just reminds me of one.

May the force be with you young jedi masters!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A little distracted

Ok ya'll. I've been a little distacted lately. You may have noticed I'm not commenting very often but...I have an excuse. I really do.

You see, Elizabeth is pregnant. She's not sure if it's her husband, Lucky's baby or her ONS Jason. Me, I want it to be Jason's because I love Jason. Jason's life is dangerous, but he can protect Elizabeth and her children (she already has the cutest little boy Cameron). Lucky is a druggie who got Maxie knocked up and I just can't forgive him for that. Yeah, Jason is still in love with Sam. And I like Sam, but she's got her own issues with her mother and her ONS with her step-father. Jason just needs to let Sam go and go back to Liz, who he's had an on again off again relationship for 9 years.

Then there's Lulu, poor thing, she ended up pregnant after tricking Dillon into being with her when really he was in love with Georgie. Lulu had an abortion and really needs her mother right now. But her mother, Laura has been in a catatonic state for the last four years. However Dr. Robin Scorpio has told Luke about an experiemental drug that might reverse Laura's condition. Luke instructed Dr. Robin and Dr. Hottie Patrick Drake to give Laura this experiemental drug yesterday. Will it work? I hope so! Lucky, one of Laura's sons knew that Luke was considering this experiemental drug but didn't say anything to his sister Lulu or half brother Nic. They found out yesterday and I'm sure they're going to be a little ticked off. This drug could make their mother worse. It's a waiting game. If she does wake up she's going to be a bit confused. Lulu was just a girl the last time she spent time with Laura, Nic has a new son, and Lucky...well, I've already discussed the mess his life is in.

So, that's what's got me distracted. I hope you understand.

Monday, October 23, 2006

My day off

Cindy said...
Inquiring minds want to know...what you decided on?

Well, Cindy, since you asked I'll tell you. Saturday morning Nickel didn't get out the door until close to 10 am so my day didn't really start until then. It's not I couldn't have gone out for coffee without him, I just didn't want to. I got dressed and just spent the morning relaxing. After he left I went to the ATM, drained the account (just kidding, but I did get some money) and went shopping. My first and really, only stop was at Lowes. There I found the color I wanted to paint Peanut's room. "Bonita Berry", it's a Dora color. Very bold. So bold I could only do one wall pink.

But standing there I saw an aqua color that I just fell right in love with, it's name was Cool Aqua. Here's a couple of pictures I took this morning. I was sitting down trying to get a good angle. I missed. Oh well. You'll just have to deal with it, I'm not going to take a million pictures of my living room just to find the perfect angle! The lighting at 7:30 am isn't the greatest either.

I was actually pretty sacred after the first coat that all my green plants (like the calla lily pictured here) and it's pot would clash, but in real life it doesn't. I guess the aqua paint and the greens have similar under-tones that they actually look pleasing to the eye. Even the blue chair looks fine sitting next to the wall. Of course the pictures don't do it justice. You'll just have to take my word for it or come over and see it for yourself!

The pink in Peanut's ballerina pictures (taken last year for Christmas) really pop and my hallway is red and the look good together. Who knew that red and aqua were actually nice compliments to each other. Well, obviously the last bride I had because those were her colors and impressed me. The hall has been red for several years now. I would have never chosen the aqua to go next to the red without seeing them in the wedding last month.

So, that's basically what I did on my day off. I painted two of my living room walls and one of Peanuts. While the paint dried I watched Pride and Prejudice and Just Like Heaven. I also watched several TLC programs and cleaned other parts of the house. I was very very relaxed and ready for the work week to start on Monday. I might let the two of them go out of town again someday. Just not soon, I like the rest of my walls. :-)

Friday, October 20, 2006

What will I do?

Oh, this is a once in a life-time post I am sure. So Peanut is in Tulsa playing with her Grandma until Sunday. Thank you Jesus for Fall Break! And tomorrow morning Nickel's leaving for Kansas City. He's going with a bunch of guys from work to go watch a Chief's game.

So, for the first time since...well, let me think...since the end of April 1999, I will be home alone tomorrow.

I hesitated posting about this because I don't know if ya'll are stalkers, but then I thought, why would anyone stalk me? I mean, come on, this is me we're talking about. And are stalkers really bright enough to find and read my blog if I never use my or my family's really real names? I talk about Enid, but it's a pretty big town and most of Enid doesn't know where I live so why would any of you, especially since most of my readership is in the northwestern part of the US and Southwestern part of Canada. Hmm... did I have a point to all this?

Oh, yes I did.

Ok, so I need your help. I tried to talk AJ into coming for a visit, but she has to go get Cheese and stuff from the Indians so that's a no go.

I thought about painting my living room while Nickel was gone (I usually do a "while you were out" project when he's gone like this- last time I bought and built a bookshelf, hung up some shelves and pictures). But I can't decide on a color. I thought about painting two of Peanut's walls pink because she beggs every chance she gets for a pink room (it's purple with lots of pink stuff in it). But because of the wreck totalling my car, having to buy a new car, TT&L for the new car, and a $144 "failure to yeild" ticket, I'm a little short on blowing money, so that's a no go.

My only other options for this weekend are
1. Shampooing the carpets in my house. It's needed, but gee, when am I ever going to have a whole day to myself?
2. Lounging on the couch in my pjs watching Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Just Like Heaven, Sweet Home Alabama, 2 Weeks Notice, 40 First Dates, and all the other chick flicks I have. But that almost seems like a waste of a perfectly good day that I could get "something" accomplished.

So, readers (READ: THE POINT) what should I do on my 1-day-this-might-not-happen-again-for 20-years-so-make-the-best-of-it-day off from being a mom and wife?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Quote of the Day

"Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography."
-Paul Rodriguez

Monday, October 16, 2006

The bad news...with a twist of good

Yes, faithful readers, I was in a car accident Friday. It was my fault because the sun is not liable even when it obstructs vision. I was heading south. I had a stop sign, which I stopped at, looked east and got a big eyeful of sunshine. The west bound truck did not have a stop sign. It wasn't until I heard the sound of metal crunching did I see him. The kid (he's just in highschool) had sped up to make the light and didn't see me pull out. I of course got the ticket for failure to yeild and he got a pass to school and no ticket. That's fine, he really didn't do anything wrong and he couldn't have been going terribly fast for there to only be this much damage. Poor kid, he was nice and so was his dad who showed up a few minutes after the accident. Neither of them yelled at me or acted immaturely which I appreciated because I was a basket case until Nick showed up about 25 minutes later (he works out of town and took a little while to get to me). Here's what my car looks like now. The body shop guys were nice enough to put some plastic over the non-exsitant window to protect it from the rain.

See how the wheel's going to the inside? That's the result of a bent strut. The wheel itself is in actually pretty good condition. The door is made of plastic so it popped out making it look better then it is. It's torn so the door would have to be replaced... if they didn't total it, which we're 99.998% sure they will.

Again, I'm fine. I was really sore on Saturday which made Peanut's soccer game almost unbearable (especially since my chair was still in the back of the camaro and the body shop was closed so we couldn't go get it) and then we went car shopping. Here's the one I'm buying. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow if everything goes well. Believe it or not, it's not a Chevrolet and it's not a camaro. It's a Nissan Maxima. I might name her Maxie... but then again maybe not. She's white, but there's a pearl color to her paint which the picture gives not justice for. I know I know, pigs and monkeys are flying somewhere in the world right now!

Saturday we took a little break from the car shopping to let Peanut do something fun. For the low low price of free she got to play in dirt and plant this airplane plant. I don't know what happened to the pansies but she was just as happy with this one. She first named it Airplane, but now is leaning more towards Roger. I have NO clue where she came up with that name. Most of the time she names things after her friends, but I haven't heard of a Roger before. I think it fits the plant though. It should grow beautifully with her saying, "Hello Roger" every morning.

Blogger seems to think I've met my image quota for the day and won't let me upload the pictures of Peanut and Roger so I'll have to try again later. Thanks for all your well wishes!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Well, the good news is...

...I had just dropped Peanut off at school so I was alone. one was hurt.

...a really nice lady stopped and helped me out by calling the police and making sure I was ok.

...Peanut was at school.

...Nickel knows every salvage, tow, paint, and repair place in the county. one was hurt. glass holds together pretty well. one was hurt.

...the wheel isn't bent.

...Peanut wasn't there because I couldn't have taken care of her because I was having an emotional break down myself.

The bad be continued...


Fall is one of my favorite times of year. I love the leaves turning their beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. I love bringing out my snuggly clothes and laying in bed or on the couch with a good book (like Pride and Prejudice). I love the crispness of the air as the temperature starts to descend and I love that it's not quite cold yet. I fall in love with the blueness of the sky each October as it seems to be more brilliant even if just for a moment. But that's just the kinda girl I am. I love fall, hate winter (it's too cold for me).

Peanut is a girl of summer. She loves long days. She loves playing outside for hours. She loves wearing tank tops and shorts. She doesn't like fall so much. Oh, she likes breaking out the winter wardrobe but she'd rather not actually wear it everyday. She needs to feel the warm sun on her skin. This hasn't exactly been the week of warm sun. While I'm enjoying the cooler weather she's not. She's been very agitated this week and I think it has a lot to do with the lack of warm weather in her life. I hope she adjusts to this weather quickly (because I'm not ready for her to start tanning just for the warmth)!

I am trying to teach her that there are good things about fall. The first cup of hot chocolate (I need to go buy a new thermos for this weekend's soccer game), snuggling on the couch to watch a good movie, planting pansies that will survive long after the other flowers in our lives fade away. In fact, for those of you in the area Plants A Plenty is holding a free fall workshop for kids this weekend. You have to call and register them so look the number up if you want to go. Peanut is going. They're going to get to play in dirt and plant some of those pansies for free! I'm sure this is to get the parents there so they'll buy stuff while waiting on their cherub faced children. I'll probably work too. I'm a sucker when it comes to flowers...if you haven't guessed.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


You know what I hate? I hate when I'm in a great mood and I feel like I'm on top of the world and nothing's going to pull me down then just a few days later I've lost all my motivation and I turn into a lazy couch potato. What's up with that? Why is that?

So, that's what I've been doing for the last couple of days. Sure I managed to go to the grocery store tonight, but only because I wanted some better food then I had in my cubbords.

I want to loose weight, who doesn't? I get all motivated and exercise like it's going out of style then all of a sudden I'm too tired or it just doesn't sounds appealing to me.

Anyway, I hope ya'll are doing well and staying motivated. Maybe I need a girls lunch out this week. Anyone intersted? I'd call you, but I'm too lazy.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend Update

Hey Kids. Just got home and wanted to touch in with you all. It's been days since I last posted so I thought I'd make this extra special by including pictures!!! Hold on tight, the weekend will fly by and be over before you know it!
First off, here's me and the Peanut as we were heading east Thursday night. Nickel was driving and threatened to turn around if I took a picture of him driving a dodge. Shhh... don't tell him I told you about him driving a dodge. He's a Chevy man and pretty much dislikes the others.

Friday morning we took a little road trip to Greenleaf State Park near Fort Gibson (sorry Aunt Josefina we didn't have time to stop and say hi). Me thinks this will be our future vacation spot. This weekend would have been perfect for camping. It wasn't busy the weather was perfect. Too bad we didn't have time to fish.

Saturday was the big wedding. Here's a picture of me with the beautiful bride. Look... my dress zipped! The wedding was held at her parents house in Eastern Oklahoma. The weather could not have been more perfect, the couple more happy, or the weekend any better!

My brother and his wife dropped their three kids off at my parents house Saturday night. Caleb is autistic and kept wanting to go in the woods behind my parents house so after lunch today I went him, his big sister and Peanut on their "nature walk". There's a fence around my parent's land but that doesn't mean Caleb won't try to climb over it if left alone. My parents have about an acre and a half land and about half an acre behind their house is wooded. The kids love it as much as I did when I was growing up. They kept making up their own little "trails" which were nothing more then a clear spot surrounded by little trees adjacent to another clear spot.

Two tired little girls driving home after an exhausting weekend!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thought for the Day

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Fun Little Meme

1. A Place You've Visited and Your Favorite Thing there. Ohio- I went with a highschool friend one summer. I really liked seeing all the old houses and tried to imagine what it was like when they were built.

2. Country You'd Like to Visit and Why Italy- I've always wanted to experience the way of life there.

3. A Place From History You'd Like to Visit and Why I'd have liked to have known my grandmother as a little girl. To experience the things she did.

4. A Place You Know a Lot About I'm most familiar with my dreams. Beyond that I don't know enough about anywhere.

5. A Place You'd Like to Learn More About England in the 1800's.

6. A Fictional Place You'd Like to Visit Pemberly, but only if I were Elizabeth Bennett

You are welcome to play along. Let me know if you do!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My So-Called Life

Nothing exciting is going on in my life right now. I'm disappointed. I'm in baby mode and well, my husband isn't. He's so mean! And just because he's so mean he's at home with a fever and breakfast coming back up.


I finally bought some shoes to wear to the wedding that's coming up in a couple of weeks. They cost $60. I don't like them $60 bucks worth but oh well. I'll take what I get and not throw a fit.


Speaking of weddings, I worked my last wedding for the year and possibly ever. I'm tired of dealing with bridesmaids that think they are entitled. They're not. I quit.


Peanut is playing soccer again. This year they chose to be called the Bratz. I'm a firm believer that your kids will act like what you call them (yes, names have meaning) so I'm a little fearful of the girls being called Bratz. I'm not going to stress over it though. This year we have a ref. This is good because some of the teams we played last year cheated and now they can't. We also have a bigger field and net. This is good because some of our girls (read: Peanut) has a lead foot and tends to over shoot the little goals.

I'll post some pictures when I actually remember to take my camera to the game. Maybe this weekend.


Speaking of this weekend I'm going to do a yard sale. I hate yard sales. I never have enough to actually have a yard sale, but my mother-in-law is having one and she's invited 4 or 5 other women to throw stuff in it. Now I can sell all that crap that's been collecting dust for me.


Have a great day!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weekend Funny Photo

This one made me laugh!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

People Siting

One of the things I like to do is watch people. People are so funny and here are two examples of what I've observed over the last couple of days.

Lady One: After dropping Peanut off at school on Monday I headed to work taking my normal route. I drive west and the sun isn't in my eyes, but it was obviously in the eyes of oncoming traffic because I saw an elderly lady, a passenger in an older vehicle, holding a fist full of dollars in front of her eyes to block the bright sun. I laughed out loud the rest of the way to work. Some people use their sun visors, some people use a wad of cash. Whatever works!

Lady Two: I had to go to the mall yesterday to complete my outfit for the wedding I'm in in October. I found what I needed, checked out and was about to go on my merry little way. As I was gathering my belongings and trying to shove my change in my purse the lady in line behind me laid up a couple of outfits that looked exactly the same only different sizes. The small one looked odd, but I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't see it very well to tell what was wrong. I smiled and turned to walk away. Next thing I heard was the cashier telling the lady she couldn't return the smaller size because it had be obviously worn. I glanced back, I now had my glasses on, and could tell it had been through the washer a couple of times. Yes, I'm sure the baby did outgrow it quickly. They usually do at that size. The things people try to get away with. It was really sad. I didn't stay around to listen to her argue. I'm thinking that perhaps she should go ask the lady that uses her money as a sun visor to buy her some new clothes.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Something I heard

I've been listening to a preacher on the internet for a couple of weeks now. He's brought up some questions that I've long wondered, but never really asked. He's way outside the box and goes against most of my upbringing. But still, I find what he has to say fascinating and am quite intrigued. I'm not ready to drop all other teachings, nor am I ready to take off these filters that were installed in my way of thinking when I was a child in Sunday School. I'm just listening and thinking and reading and praying.

For instance, hell. How can it be a big fire pit and be totally dark? Doesn't fire light things up?

The other guy that was crucified the same day as Jesus. He didn't pray a sinners prayer. He didn't confess every single sin. All he did was believe Jesus was who he said he was. Then Jesus said that because he believed that DAY he would be in Paradise with him. Wouldn't the same apply to everyone that believed?

But then he goes on to say that Christ saved his whole creation. Every sinner. No, maybe you didn't hear me, EVERY SINNER. And because he has saved every sinner (ie, every single person that's walked this earth even the people that haven't heard of Christ. Even the people that choose to believe in Allah. Even the people that refuse to believe in any god. Even the two bit whore you saw walking down the street the other day. Even her.) that we'll all go to be with our savior at the end of this life. This one, I must admit, is a little difficult for me to wrap my mind around. Not the part about Christ coming for even the two bit whore, because I do believe that every person is welcome in God's eyes, the part I can't seem to wrap my mind around is saving grace for even the people who choose not to believe in Him in this life.

Anyway, all that to say, last week he made this statement on grace and mercy:
Grace is when God chooses to give you something you do not deserve.
Mercy is when God chooses to not give you something you do deserve.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh

Here's you chance to make me laugh. I promise, it isn't hard. Got a caption for this week's photo? If so, leave it in the comment section. It's not really that hard.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Fresh-Cut Flowers

I have some new flowers up over at the other blog if you're intersted in checking it out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peanut the Mechanic

If you haven't had a chance to watch the video in the below post make sure you do that before leaving today. It's something!

Here are some more pictures of my mechanics. She and her daddy are working on my 1979 Z28 Camaro. The motor and transmission are both shot so they are pulling stuff off to be able to pull the motor out and replace it with my father-in-laws motor (don't get me started about how emotional I am about having the motor he built put in my car just know how touched I am).

Of course Daddy did all the hard stuff. Here, Peanut is using a ratchet to loosen up some bolts that were holding down the carborator and distributor. She had already removed all the plug wires.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Peanut the Mechanic

Peanut getting the practice she needs for when it comes time to rebuild her 1972 Chevelle....

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Square Peanut?

So the other day I took the Peanut to the doctor for a check up. The nurse came and got us, weighed her, 44 lbs, and took her height 45 inches.

"Oh look," replied the nurse, "you're almost square."

I'm kinda glad she's not.

*I was going to upload this funny picture but blogger won't let me*

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shh... It's a secret.

Well, it MUST be a secret. Yesterday I discovered there's a park just around the block from my house. No lie! We bought our house back in 2002 and not once in the last four years did anyone show me this park much less mention it's existence! Yesterday a girl from work who lives a few blocks away from me brought this flyer that she found on her door. There's going to be a kid's carnival at Hidden Park and it had a map. I pointed out where I live and the route I take on my walks. I've never seen this park! Well, in my defense it is down an alley and even with a dog I don't go down alleys alone. Plus there are no signs pointing it out from any of the main roads. So last night Nickel, Peanut, and Snoogans (the dog) and I went on a very short walk (around the freakin' block!) to Hidden Park (it's real name) and played for about 30 minutes. There's not much to this little park. Just a big 6-person swing (you remember, like the one you had at elementary school growing up) and a slide. When we got there, there wasn't a single soul in the park. It was kind of nice, the weather was perfect and Peanut got to play (I even swung). Nickel and I wondered why there wasn't anymore playground equipment.

Well, now that I know about the Hidden Park I think we'll be taking more trips there to play!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Prayer Request

Hello friends, I hate to be so depressing but lately it feels like that's all I'm surrounded by.

Last night a group of four friends ages 18-20 were driving home to Enid from Tulsa and were tragically killed in a collision. Isaac, the oldest of the bunch, was an acquaintance of mine. We met last year in dance. He was one of the sweetest people I've ever known. The oldest of 8 or 9 kids he never met a stranger.

Want to hear something ironic? This last weekend his family held a going away party for him as he was about to leave for a year on a mission trip. He got to see all his family and close friends and tell them goodbye. For years he has participated in a Easter Drama called Eternal Crossings. He played a guy that was killed in a car accident and went to Heaven. No one doubts that that is where he is today. The church that is trying to organize the funeral for the four kids stopped by my work today to see if our facility was available and how many it would accommodate. Usually we have a couple things booked every day of the year unless the facilities are closed. Well, this weekend we just so happen to have not one single thing booked in our facilities. Seems, God's been working in this situation for a few years, doesn't it.

Please, take a moment today to pray for the families that were effected by this tragedy. Pray also for their friends and the lives they've touched their short time here on earth.

Thank you.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've been tagged by Susie and since I'm not doing anything exciting this weekend. I'll play along.

1. Three things that scare me:
Being alone in dark unfamiliar place
big big dogs

2. Three people that make me laugh:
Hutch (a guy I knew in high school that always made me laugh)

3. Three things I hate the most:
Rude people

4. Three things I don't understand:
Osmosis and why I can't just absorb text book materials
how big the internet really is

5. Three things I'm doing right now:
Wondering what I need to do to keep my China Doll from dying
drinking koolaid from a Dasani bottle
wishing I could go take a nap

6. Three things I want to do before I die:
Finish college
learn ballet
be a size six

7. Three things I can do:
Make a dump cake (it's in the oven right now)
make paper snow flakes

8. Three ways to describe my personality:

9. Three things I can't do:
submit to something I know to be wrong
imagine myself somewhere and actually be there
walk through walls (kinda goes with the second one)

10. Three things I think you should listen to:
The voices (I know I'm not the only one that hears them)
Me- now go buy someone special some flowers. If you have no one to buy flowers for email me and I'll give you the name and address of someone you can send flowers to.
You mother

11. Three things you should never listen to:
The voices that tell you to do bad things like kill, steal, lie
People who tell you you're not good enough

12. Three things I'd like to learn:
How to loose weight by wishing it off
How to tell all the flowers of the world apart

13. Three favorite foods:
Chicken Quesadias

14. Three beverages I drink regularly:
cherry coke

15. Three shows I watched as a kid:
Night Rider
A Team
Seasame Street

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tooting my own horn

Last month I told you about Haley, my best friend from high school, getting engaged(finally). The town I grew up takes about three and half hours to drive to so it was cheaper for me to buy it and have her to mail me the dress then for me to drive there and rent it, have them altered, and try it on before the wedding. When I got the dress I immediately tried it on. It looked too small. It was. With much struggle and no breathing Nickel was finally able to zip the dress up without bursting any seams. Barely.

With Nickel's dad dying I wasn't able to focus on the dress or loosing weight. I was just trying to make it from one day to the next without an emotional breakdown. So, now the world has calmed down and normalcy, whatever that really is, has resumed. I've been making better eating choices. I've limited myself to just one soda a day (I haven't limited myself on the size of that soda, sometimes it's a medium coke, sometimes it's a large- but only one). And I've added more exercise to my daily routine. Mostly my daily routine includes walking, but I added in some strength training and pilates whenever I can fit it in. My bathroom scale hasn't moved very much, but I know my clothes are getting loose, even the ones I had buy a few months ago.

So, this morning, I thought, 'I wonder how close I am to that dress fitting.' So, I did what any girl would have done, I put it on! And you know what, it zipped up. Now, I struggled with it a little bit, but I was trying to zip a dress by myself. But IT ZIPPED! I didn't even have to keep from breathing either! I'm so excited. I'm not going to have it altered (I'm short, it's 3 feet too long) for a couple more weeks so who knows what kind of alterations will need to be made by then. Doesn't that sound exciting??!?!? Well, it does to me. And that's why today I'm tooting my own horn!!!

In other news, my friend Simple Faith has started a blog. Why don't ya'll stop by her place and tell her hello and give her a blogger welcome!!

Monday, August 28, 2006


1. subject to fears, doubts, etc.; not self-confident or assured: an insecure person.
2. not confident or certain; uneasy; anxious: He was insecure about the examination.
3. not secure; exposed or liable to risk, loss, or danger: an insecure stock portfolio.
4. not firmly or reliably placed or fastened: an insecure ladder.

To look at me you wouldn't think I was insecure. To meet me, I'm usually outgoing, friendly, and confident. But I really am insecure. I'm terrified of not be liked. I'm terrified of looking like a fool. I'm scared to death that I won't be good enough or even just enough when it comes to a certain someone. Mostly, I just fake being secure in hopes of someday actually being secure. That's what all the Mary Kay directors said when I started out pushing lipstick, 'pretend your a director until you are a director and you'll already know how to act' they said. Well, I gave up and never made director but I've tried to take that little piece of wisdom with me. Someday I'm going to have to figure out how to get over being insecure.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Guess what, this is my 300th post. Hmm... you're still reading my random outburst? Bless you! Too bad I don't really have anything profound (boy that word looks funny to me tonight for some reason) or witty to say. Peanut likes school. She hates going to bed. I think she'll outgrow that in about 65 years. I hope.

So, I'm not a fan of reality shows. I hate to see people fight over some prize. Then I found The Messengers on TLC. Have you seen the show? Well, you should! It's awesome, but tonight it made be mad, but then I came to the computer and got happy again.

Ok, if you haven't watched the show I'll tell you a little bit about it. They started off the show with 10 speakers. Each week these speakers go on a field trip of some sort. Week one they spent the night homeless on Skidrow. They worked on a farm, spent a day either blind or lame, visited a children's hospital, and a morgue. Each week they are given a topic for which they have to write a two minute inspirational speach. After they're done the audience selects the speaker that touched them the most and the least. I agree with the audience the first 4 weeks. I didn't this week. One of my favorites, Robert Rutherford, was eliminated after a very moving speech. All the speakers did well this week so I know the audience must have had a hard time. I was ready to give TLC a piece of my mind, signed up to read and participate on their message boards. I got into a Fourm where they were talking about him. And there was a link to the church he preaches at. This is where the happy comes back. All I have to do is click here and there and wham, I can hear the Message that God has blessed him with. See, God does work good for all things. If you'd like to listen to what he has to say, you can visit him here. You can even listen to some of the worship songs.

Ok, well, there's my 300th post. Goodnight, have a great weekend. I may or may not have time to put up a picture tomorrow. But you're welcome to stop by this weekend to check and see.