Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sleeping in

Baby B is a wonder baby, but he doesn't sleep through the night. He's close but his little internal clock has this 2 am setting that I can't seem to reset. On occasion he'll wake up earlier then 2, like at 1:30 and last night he overslept a little and didn't wake up until 3. But without fail since the night he was born, we get up around 2 every night. We've been working on resetting the 4 am setting and most nights he'll sleep until 6. Last night he did well, woke up at 3 and again at 6. After getting up at 6 I was too lazy to up him back in his bed so he slept with me. Around 8 he started squeaking and I hollered for Nickel who was up and about. Nickel took him and I got to sleep for another hour. It was total bliss.

We have a lazy day scheduled. Yesterday was busy with lunch with some friends, a wedding, and church. Today, there's nothing that I have to do. I might try to think of something just so I can get out of the house and have some quite me time. It makes staying at home with the baby all week easier if I get out by myself on the weekends.

Peanut signed up for Girl Scouts last week. We went to this big event at a local play ground place. There were a million school age girls there. It resembled Dante's 5th ring of the Inferno. (Please note it's been years since I read the Divine Comedy and cannot remember what each ring actually stands for and I'm too lazy to Google it because I was just trying to make a funny) Anyhoo, for two hours I sat and endured the torture of listening to the girls gab, squeal, and gripe about the bus driver that lives in some obscure little town. The children weren't so bad though, they were playing and having fun. I found out that the meetings are every week. Should be interesting. I'm sure Peanut will have lots of fun.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Perhaps kindness has not totally become extinct in our world like I thought. Today Baby B and I had to go to the post office. When we left the house he was in a wonderful mood. The short ride was quite. I manged to make it in the doors carrying a diaper bag, carrier with 11+ pound baby, and box to mail. The line was long, but moving. Baby B and I took our place at the end of the line at the door. THEN he decided he was not happy. I knelt down to talk to him to try to pacify him. People were watching of course. Baby B did not want his binky and would not calm down so I had to take him out of his carrier. Meanwhile people are coming up behind me and cutting in line all because I'm tending to my child instead of moving with the line. I was talking quietly to Baby B trying to calm him down. I commented to him on how we lost our place in line because he was crying. Not in a blaming way but in a "can you believe these rude people?" way. The people that cut in line either talked to people around them or stared at the floor. Meanwhile Baby B is still crying. After a few moments that felt like eternity to this mom trying to calm her son down, a lady from closer to the front of the line came back and offered to help me move my stuff to my place in line. She picked up my car seat and placed it in front of the first lady that cut in line. The two ladies my things were now in the middle of were nice enough to help push all my things along in the line as it moved while I held my baby.

Perhaps it wasn't how I would've handled the situation if reversed, but people actually came through and show some kindness. In the end and I was able to tend to Baby B and get my package in the mail.