Sunday, December 28, 2008


Tonight at church I was cleaning up the communion stuff when Pastor T, Peanut's pastor, peeked his head in through the window and asked if she was in the room with me. She was not. He smiled and told me that he thought Peanut was mature and pretty special and that she needed to be in a movie, a movie about her because her stories are "enchanting". I smiled and thanked him for the compliment and he went on his merry little way.

After he left I got to thinking, Peanut does indeed have a way of enchanting people. I often thought it was just her parents and grandparents she enchanted at a young age. Though I'm immune to some of her enchanting ways, as parents are apt to learn after half a dozen or so years, she still has her moments.

Sometimes I get caught up in the hum-drum of life and get annoyed at her little stories she repeats over and over from the back seat of the car or across the room. Sometimes I cut her off or assume I know what she's going to say. But when I take the time to really listen she does come up with some nuggets of wisdom or anecdote.

Sometimes I need to be reminded that life will still be there and I need to pay attention, I need to be enchanted, before she grows up and conquers the world.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Books By Mail

So I'm totally in a reading frenzie these days. I've read the Twilight Saga 2 complete times through (including the partial Midnight Sun posted on Stephenie Meyer's website) and have read Twilight and Breaking Dawn (the first and last book of the series) 3 times each. Yeah, still totally love that series.

But I've also been reading some other books too. Some vampire books, some aliens, some warewolves, some this, some that, all fiction and paranormal in some fashion. However, I have started The Shack by William Young which is a man who spends a couple of days with God in, you guessed it, a shack. Anyway, just finished the forward and am looking forward to getting started with this book.

Seeing as how up until tonight I was unemployeed I didn't exactly have a lot of money just hanging around for me to spend on books. I tried my local library. I won't say it sucks because my momma said if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all... so I'll not say anything at all. Then my brilliant, smart,and wonderful friend Abby Normal (you know how I love to protect the names of the innocent- she knows who she is) suggested this website called

It is wonderful. It's like Netflicks, but for books. You sign up for how many books you want to recieve at a time and then for a monthly fee you they'll send the books on your queue for you to read. You read them and send them back in the postage paid envelopes and a few days later you get another book! How cool is that!

The ONLY part that sucks is the days you have to wait while books are in the mail. But I guess that's the reason you should sign up for 2 or more books. That way you're reading the next book while you're waiting for the one that's in the mail.

This system is SO much easier then spending $80 a week for a half dozen books that barely last you a month and then take up a ton of space in your house. Now if you get a book that you fall in love with and never ever ever want to part with you just email the company and tell them what book you just have to keep forever and they'll let you know how much it'll cost ya, if you're ok with that they'll just charge your card and you live happily ever after.

The End.

Uncle Joe thinks I can't write a post with using the word "baby" in it. And so I had to make sure this post had "baby" in a couple of times even though it had nothing to do with my "baby".