Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thought for the Day

It's a proven fact that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world's population.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Pets

So, thanks to my friend Parker the mice have found a home. I asked him Sunday if he needed them and he laughed and said no. But then he suggested a teacher at Peanut's school (where he use to go as well) that might be interested. I called her and she was indeed very interested. I won't tell you what she wants them for...but here's a hint: snake.

She was also very pleased to have the mommy and daddy mice because most pet stores won't sell female mice because they don't want you breeding your own. But now she can.

Peanut was a little sad that I had given the mice away without her being able to say goodbye but I reminded her that cat would have kittens in just a matter of days (Please dear God, let it be 2 or less!). That made her happy until she remembered that I had let the cat outside last Thursday and she hadn't come home yet. But God heard her prayers again and sent the pregnant cat back home yesterday so that Peanut can hold her hostage until the kittens are born. Then I'm having the cat fixed. I say this every time, but I mean it this time!

I'm thankful every day that the dog is a boy and that the fish is alone in its tank!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tornado Season!

Ok, call me weird. I know you want to and I'm giving you permission. This last weekend the weatherman said the weather was almost perfect for a tornado and I got a little bit excited. Now, I'm not mean spirited. I know that tornadoes can do lots of damage and people loose their lives every year to weather related conditions such as tornadoes. In 1999 Nickel and I watched a tornado hit the Electric Company's power plant across the river and it did plenty of damage and I was plenty scared because we lived on the top floor at the end of our apartment building. But there's something about the weather conditions that make me excited...warm air. I like warm air. You see, on Valentine's Day the temperature was hovering around something like 4 degrees (honestly, I don't remember what it was but it was cold enough to freeze the water pipes). I don't like cold weather and I'll be the first to admit it! Then last Wednesday it was something like 74 degrees and I was so happy. So if the weatherman tells me that the weather is optimal for tornadoes I'm going to smile, because that means that warm moist air is present and that means it's gotta be close to spring. Right?

ADDENDUM: Ok, so thinking back I remember talking about weather at least once before on this here blog. Here's a little something I wrote a while back about thunderstorms if you're interested.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 is ENOUGH!!!

So a couple of weeks ago Nickel brought home 2 pet mice for Peanut. I was less then thrilled but didn't put up too much of a fight. Nickel and I had a pet rat when we got married. Bebee was a sweet little rat and Nickel cleaned out her cage and all was good. Bebee died before Peanut was born. This morning Peanut was commenting on how fat the black one was. I told her she better not be pregnant because we don't have room for baby mice. Well, that's just too dang bad. After sending Peanut to get me a Kleenex she came back almost hysterical.

"MOM!" she exclaimed. "My two mice are married!"
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"They had babies, they're grown ups now and married now!"
"What do you mean they had babies?"
"Come see, they got married and now they have babies!"
Yep, 8 babies. I'd say they're grown ups. Oh, and the cat that Peanut's been holding hostage since she came home three weeks ago, she's pregnant too. Probably have her litter within the next few weeks. Guess we're gonna need to build on to the house now.

Here's the proud daddy keeping his babies warm while momma got a drink of water.
Did you know they were born bald? I didn't. Now I need to go google mice and see if there's anything I need to know.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

She's 8?

Peanut's birthday is next month. She's going to be 7 but everytime someone asks, she tells them she's going to be 8. She's quite convincing at it too, I had to actually pause and think about it the other day. She doesn't understand why she can't be 8 yet. So my question is, why can't we be what ever age we want to be? Why do we have to follow these stinkin rules that say we have to go in order!

Dove Promise: There's no excuse not to dream.

Monday, February 19, 2007

You think it's bad...

So I haven't had the bestest last couple of days. But I refuse to let it get me down. Valentines day kinda sucked becuase our water pipes were frozen. They thawed out but Nickel and Peanut used up all the hot water that night so I had to wait for my shower. The kitchen sink still isn't pouring any water except through the sprayer...explain that one, please.

Thursday I decided to be sweet to my honey since V-Day sucked and buy us supper from one of our favorite resturants. I even got a happy meal for Peanut. By the time I got home I realized my honey was in a very very fowl mood. When he finally started talking he told me that the motor in the truck was locked up (luckily it waited to lock up until he was home!). Doesn't that sound like fun?

Friday we manged to work around everyones schedule to get Peanut to school, and he and I to work. I needed to have January balanced and reports ran by 5:00 pm because the finance team likes to have a look at it before their meeting which is Monday night, but that just didn't happen. The numbers refused to balance. Friday night I had a headache so bad I crawled very slowly to bed around 9. Woke up around midnight to the same intense throbbing. I crawled to the kitchen, found my migraine meds, some water, and a cold eye mask and crawled back to bed.

Saturday I got up and went back to work to attempt to get the numbers to jive. They did not. Two hours later I was so frustrated and my head was starting to hurt again that I went back home. I crashed on the couch and dozed off and on for about two hours before just watching TLC. Around three in the afternoon Nickel had figured out what was locking up the motor told me to go to bed (he could tell my head was really hurting again) and he took Peanut to the automotive store. I slept until 5 when the phone woke me up. Nickel had fixed his truck and it only cost me $108 bucks. Better then a car payment!

Sunday was pretty quite. I fixed breakfast and after two bites tossed mine. The eggs were under cooked, the pancakes over cooked and I wasn't in the mood. Peanut and I went to church and I'm sure glad I did. It was a wonderful service. The sermon was very touching and made me look at things a little different. The rest of the day was spent lounging. My headache was gone for the most part. We watched the beginning and the end of the NASCAR race and napped in the middle, the way it's suppose to be.

So now it's Monday. The meeting where my numbers have to jive is in 9 hours and thirteen minutes and I don't even want to look at those stupid numbers! But I must. I want to keep my job and I know my life will be so much easier when the numbers balance.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Question of the day

If a popular candy maker contacted you to create their next confection, what would it be like and what would you name it?

Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm back!

Hey everyone I'm back. I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you all for your birthday wishes and e-cards! I love to get attention!

We didn't do anything wild and crazy. I got some money from my mom and Nickel's grandma so I hit Goody's to look for a new warm winter coat, purse, and watch. I found just what I wanted and everything was on sale! The three things came to exactly what I got so I was a very happy girl! As I mentioned a few posts ago I was given tickets to a Hornets basketball game in OKC for last Thursday night. Nickel's brother and sis-in-law were suppose to meet us but they had trouble getting a sitter so Nickel's uncle took the sis-in-law's ticket. We met at a wonderful Mexican restaurant and ate chips and queso until we were full (I had some real food too)! The game was exciting, the Hornets won in double overtime! Nickel didn't want to stay the night in the City so he drove us home while I napped. The next morning we just relaxed and did a little bit of shopping before I had to go to work at 1. I only had one day of vacation left before my rollover date in April so I split it between Thursday and Friday. Made it seem like a long time off!

The rest of the weekend was quite. I got to take a nap Saturday. Nickel made lunch and a birthday cake on Sunday (my actual birthday). He even washed the dishes before and after lunch! He's such a good man! He's not into romance like some men and refuses to send me flowers. His reasoning? They're just going to die so why waste the money. My rebuttal? So is he but I still waste my time and money on him. He's still not convinced. But that's ok, I buy what I want when I want them and you know he pays for it in the end. My momma sent me some extra money in my birthday card and told me to buy some flowers. I bought a pretty red Begonia and some coffee from Starbucks!

My favorite present? Peanut read me two of her books for my birthday!

Monday, February 05, 2007

It has begun

In kindergarten Peanut got her first marriage proposal. She quickly turned him down, she wasn't ready to be tied down at the age of 5. We knew at that moment we were in for some difficult times ahead with all the boys wanting her attention. Now, she's matured into a first grader and from time to time Peanut talks about all the boys in her class that have crushes on her, and I do mean all the boys. Of course, she's beautiful, smart and funny, who wouldn't be in love with her??!?! She talks about the boys she likes and why she likes them. She would even go so far as to talk about her friends' boyfriends liking her better then her friends. A couple of weeks ago she mentioned that Crack-Baby had three boyfriends. I told her I thought three was too many. And we talked about how you can only marry one person and how hard it was to have more then one boyfriend at a time. She nodded as though she understood and I smiled trying not to laugh out loud but I was really quite tickled at the whole conversation. Then last week, she started talking about PE Boy. PE Boy is in one of the other first grade class rooms but they all have PE together. PE Boy told Peanut the other day that she was pretty and sweet. At 6 that's all she needed to hear to make him her boyfriend.

But then tonight, after she had gone to bed the phone rang. Not recognizing the number on the caller id I answered the phone. It was a boy. He wanted to talk to Peanut. I told he she was in bed but that I would tell her in the morning that he called. He was a very polite young man. He was not PE Boy. I told Peanut's daddy about the after hours caller. "Oh God! It's begun!" he said. It's a sad moment. I think he just realized that he's not the center of her universe anymore even though she is still his.

Picture taken this summer by PhotoGuy

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blonder then I pay to be

So we did manage to get out of town this weekend. Saturday morning we left Enid and took a short drive over to Stillwater. There are a couple of places Nickel and I like to shop there that we don't have here. After trying on 10 pair of jeanss and only buying one Nickel took me for some BBQ. It wasn't that great but edible. We piddy-poked around that town for about four hours before heading west towards home. But instead of going home we headed South for a bit and visited the quite town of Kingfisher. There wasn't much open by 4 in the afternoon but we did manage to find one Antique store open where Nickel picked up a very old comic book for a buck. We were on our way back home and I, being a little tired, was being very silly. From time to time I'd read billboards or other random signs. Nickel and I would race to find the Historical Markers along the highway or discuss the names people came up with for their businesses. We realized that it was really time to go home when we came to this sign.
"Look," I cried. "A big red triangle!"

Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Caption Contest

The weather has me in a pissy mood so I'm just going to run away for the weekend, oh wait, I can't because the roads are too bad where I want to go! I'm still going to try to do something this weekend to improve my mood. You can help by participating in this week's Caption Contest.

Got a funny caption for this picture? Leave it in the comment section.
Ok, it doesn't have to be funny funny just leave a comment and I'll smile.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

You know the tune...

I got this in an email today and it made me laugh. Probably because for the 4th weekend in a row we have snow, sleet, and/or ice (I realize that this is normal for lots of you but it isn't for me). This doesn't make me a happy girl. I don't like cold weather, that's why I live in Oklahoma and not Maine. Anyway, to the tune of Oklahoma here's our new State song.

with the cold fronts sweepin' down the plain,
And the piles of sleet beneath your feet
Follow right behind the freezing rain.
ev'ry night my honey lamb and I
Travel home from work and hope some jerk
Doesn't wreck our car in passing by.
We know we belong to the land
But it could use more salt and more sand!
And when we say
Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!
You're slick as snot SNO-klahoma,
SNO-klahoma, Oy Vey!