Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost Seven Years, But We're Not Counting

I've had several conversations lately about this blog. People always seem amazed when I tell them I've had it for nearly 7 years. In some ways it doesn't feel that long but in others it defiantly does.I've met some pretty amazing people, strengthened acquaintances and formed lasting friendships thanks to this blog.

I've introduced you to my family through pictures and stories and I don't see an end to this blog for some time even though my posts are sporadic at best these days.

Here's the first picture of Peanut I ever posted here in August 2005 with her then new dog.

My gosh is she just a little thing. Snoogans looks the same though even though the leash has faded into an ugly, dingy, ratty blue.

Here is Peanut in a recent photo. I mentioned in my last blog that she had recently attended her first winter formal. She's in middle school and they think they need to dance with boys in middle school. Yuk! Bleck! Ew!!! They have cooties. But she doesn't seem to care as much as she did once upon a time.

All grown up, my girl. Isn't she beautiful?! She's not finished amazing me yet. And her brother, well, he's just getting started on his adventure. I hope you'll continue to watch my family grow and mature over the years.

Leave me a comment. Let me know I'm not here by myself.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Copy Cat? Nah

My friend Danielle asked me tonight if I really made all those cookies on my blog.

[insert my confused look on my face]

I pulled up my blog on the computer.

[insert a confused look on her face]

She whipped out her phone and brought up my blog. Only it wasn't my blog. The name was ever so slightly different.

FreshCutFlours.blogspot.com is an adorable website (started 3 years after this blog I will only note is a hushed whisper) where this lovely, I'm sure, lady named Terri makes some wonderful looking cookies. Her blog is better designed and I will admit that I'm a little jealous.

But I also don't update this blog like I did once upon a time when Peanut (who just attended her first winter formal) said such clever things. As Butter grows up he'll be saying and doing more fun things that will require a blog post I hope and then I can blog like the wind again.

But anyway, go check out Terri and her beautiful cookies. Tell her hello from the other fresh cut flowers. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

12 days and counting

In 12 days....well really, in 300 hours....or in 18015 minutes I will begin celebrating my birthday.  My birthday has always been my favorite holiday of the year. It is closely followed by my very least favorite holiday, and that's Valentine's Day. But if you want to read about my hatred of V-Day you'll have to read about it here because that's not what this post is about.

No, this about about my birthday. The happiest day of the year. Well, at least is for me. But this year I want to share the happiness with my friends. With total strangers. With you.

How? Well, if you've been within talking distance or on this blog you've probably heard me talking about my birthday wish. That's to do 33 Acts of Kindness for my 33rd birthday. I don't mind people knowing how old I am, mostly because they usually don't believe I'm that old. Thank you mother for giving me life and great skin!!

So today I had lunch again with my friend Eric. We were joined today my our mutual friend Lyndsay who kept me entertained with her phone saying "Expecto patronum" every time she got a text message (it's a Harry Potter thing if you don't know already).  Our details are all set with the day broken down into two hour blocks of time and we're ready to go. More or less. The easy part is done. The work has yet to begin.

On February 10th I will be making one batch of muffins and three batches of cookies. There is some shopping to be done as we will be mailing out a care package to one of our brave soldiers overseas and valentines to some pretty neat kids. I need to gather up shoes we've outgrown or just don't wear for Soles for Souls, and clothes for Hope Outreach. And I also need to prepare about 100 valentines to be given out to random kids at the skating rink.

But we can do this.

And wouldn't it be crazy if we did MORE than 33 acts of kindness in one day? Is it possible? What would happen if you spent an entire day doing one act of kindness after another?

The possibilities are unimaginable.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

T Minus 26 Days and counting

When you last heard from me on this blog I was telling you about a crazy idea for my birthday. Well guess what, my birthday is closer and I'm still on board for this crazy idea.

What crazy idea? Well, in case you have slept since my last post, or are just too lazy to scroll down a tiny bit to read it I'll recap. Ready?

33 Acts of Kindness
1 Day

There, now you're up to date.

Today I had a late lunch with my truly amazing and talented friend Eric (FollowEricdotCom). Eric has masterfully coordinated a few blog-a-thons (which you can read about on his blog) in the recent past and I decided if my plan was to work I needed someone even better than me at planning this day out.

I went in to our meeting with a list of a baker's dozen of intentional acts of kindness I'd like to accomplish. Only one did we really cross off. Giving blood would be great but I can't actually give blood, I had just written it down after seeing it listed on a website.

Throughout our meal we brainstormed and I was in awe of how much we came up with. Our list doubled in just an hour with the possibility of more after some phone calls are made.

Giving to local charities is high on list as is giving to people who serve our community. I see a lot of baking in my future.

Do you want to help?

Several of my friends have expressed the desire to help out with a couple of the Intentional Ats of Kindness but don't want to commit to the whole day. That is fine! In our next meeting Eric and I (and anyone else that wants to join in on the fun) are going to map out our plan of attack. Because of the time limits I have placed on myself (roughly 12 hours) we want to minimize travel time and will zone these acts of kindness the best we can. Anyone interested in helping can comment here on the blog, comment or message me on facebook, or call/text me if you have my number.

Want to help but can't be in Enid or just have other plans on February 11th? Well, we're taking donations. Gently used clothes, shoes, and canned goods will all be donated to various charities throughout the day. You can give me any of those items up until we drop off.

Like to bake? Well, I have a list of baked goodies I'd like to pass out from sugarfree (or rather Splenda-made) cookies, to brownies and cupcakes.

I'm really looking forward to my birthday and I hope that follow along and join in with your own intentional acts of kindness!