Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thought for the Day

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Fun Little Meme

1. A Place You've Visited and Your Favorite Thing there. Ohio- I went with a highschool friend one summer. I really liked seeing all the old houses and tried to imagine what it was like when they were built.

2. Country You'd Like to Visit and Why Italy- I've always wanted to experience the way of life there.

3. A Place From History You'd Like to Visit and Why I'd have liked to have known my grandmother as a little girl. To experience the things she did.

4. A Place You Know a Lot About I'm most familiar with my dreams. Beyond that I don't know enough about anywhere.

5. A Place You'd Like to Learn More About England in the 1800's.

6. A Fictional Place You'd Like to Visit Pemberly, but only if I were Elizabeth Bennett

You are welcome to play along. Let me know if you do!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My So-Called Life

Nothing exciting is going on in my life right now. I'm disappointed. I'm in baby mode and well, my husband isn't. He's so mean! And just because he's so mean he's at home with a fever and breakfast coming back up.


I finally bought some shoes to wear to the wedding that's coming up in a couple of weeks. They cost $60. I don't like them $60 bucks worth but oh well. I'll take what I get and not throw a fit.


Speaking of weddings, I worked my last wedding for the year and possibly ever. I'm tired of dealing with bridesmaids that think they are entitled. They're not. I quit.


Peanut is playing soccer again. This year they chose to be called the Bratz. I'm a firm believer that your kids will act like what you call them (yes, names have meaning) so I'm a little fearful of the girls being called Bratz. I'm not going to stress over it though. This year we have a ref. This is good because some of the teams we played last year cheated and now they can't. We also have a bigger field and net. This is good because some of our girls (read: Peanut) has a lead foot and tends to over shoot the little goals.

I'll post some pictures when I actually remember to take my camera to the game. Maybe this weekend.


Speaking of this weekend I'm going to do a yard sale. I hate yard sales. I never have enough to actually have a yard sale, but my mother-in-law is having one and she's invited 4 or 5 other women to throw stuff in it. Now I can sell all that crap that's been collecting dust for me.


Have a great day!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weekend Funny Photo

This one made me laugh!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

People Siting

One of the things I like to do is watch people. People are so funny and here are two examples of what I've observed over the last couple of days.

Lady One: After dropping Peanut off at school on Monday I headed to work taking my normal route. I drive west and the sun isn't in my eyes, but it was obviously in the eyes of oncoming traffic because I saw an elderly lady, a passenger in an older vehicle, holding a fist full of dollars in front of her eyes to block the bright sun. I laughed out loud the rest of the way to work. Some people use their sun visors, some people use a wad of cash. Whatever works!

Lady Two: I had to go to the mall yesterday to complete my outfit for the wedding I'm in in October. I found what I needed, checked out and was about to go on my merry little way. As I was gathering my belongings and trying to shove my change in my purse the lady in line behind me laid up a couple of outfits that looked exactly the same only different sizes. The small one looked odd, but I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't see it very well to tell what was wrong. I smiled and turned to walk away. Next thing I heard was the cashier telling the lady she couldn't return the smaller size because it had be obviously worn. I glanced back, I now had my glasses on, and could tell it had been through the washer a couple of times. Yes, I'm sure the baby did outgrow it quickly. They usually do at that size. The things people try to get away with. It was really sad. I didn't stay around to listen to her argue. I'm thinking that perhaps she should go ask the lady that uses her money as a sun visor to buy her some new clothes.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Something I heard

I've been listening to a preacher on the internet for a couple of weeks now. He's brought up some questions that I've long wondered, but never really asked. He's way outside the box and goes against most of my upbringing. But still, I find what he has to say fascinating and am quite intrigued. I'm not ready to drop all other teachings, nor am I ready to take off these filters that were installed in my way of thinking when I was a child in Sunday School. I'm just listening and thinking and reading and praying.

For instance, hell. How can it be a big fire pit and be totally dark? Doesn't fire light things up?

The other guy that was crucified the same day as Jesus. He didn't pray a sinners prayer. He didn't confess every single sin. All he did was believe Jesus was who he said he was. Then Jesus said that because he believed that DAY he would be in Paradise with him. Wouldn't the same apply to everyone that believed?

But then he goes on to say that Christ saved his whole creation. Every sinner. No, maybe you didn't hear me, EVERY SINNER. And because he has saved every sinner (ie, every single person that's walked this earth even the people that haven't heard of Christ. Even the people that choose to believe in Allah. Even the people that refuse to believe in any god. Even the two bit whore you saw walking down the street the other day. Even her.) that we'll all go to be with our savior at the end of this life. This one, I must admit, is a little difficult for me to wrap my mind around. Not the part about Christ coming for even the two bit whore, because I do believe that every person is welcome in God's eyes, the part I can't seem to wrap my mind around is saving grace for even the people who choose not to believe in Him in this life.

Anyway, all that to say, last week he made this statement on grace and mercy:
Grace is when God chooses to give you something you do not deserve.
Mercy is when God chooses to not give you something you do deserve.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh

Here's you chance to make me laugh. I promise, it isn't hard. Got a caption for this week's photo? If so, leave it in the comment section. It's not really that hard.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Fresh-Cut Flowers

I have some new flowers up over at the other blog if you're intersted in checking it out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peanut the Mechanic

If you haven't had a chance to watch the video in the below post make sure you do that before leaving today. It's something!

Here are some more pictures of my mechanics. She and her daddy are working on my 1979 Z28 Camaro. The motor and transmission are both shot so they are pulling stuff off to be able to pull the motor out and replace it with my father-in-laws motor (don't get me started about how emotional I am about having the motor he built put in my car just know how touched I am).

Of course Daddy did all the hard stuff. Here, Peanut is using a ratchet to loosen up some bolts that were holding down the carborator and distributor. She had already removed all the plug wires.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Peanut the Mechanic

Peanut getting the practice she needs for when it comes time to rebuild her 1972 Chevelle....

Monday, September 11, 2006

A Square Peanut?

So the other day I took the Peanut to the doctor for a check up. The nurse came and got us, weighed her, 44 lbs, and took her height 45 inches.

"Oh look," replied the nurse, "you're almost square."

I'm kinda glad she's not.

*I was going to upload this funny picture but blogger won't let me*

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shh... It's a secret.

Well, it MUST be a secret. Yesterday I discovered there's a park just around the block from my house. No lie! We bought our house back in 2002 and not once in the last four years did anyone show me this park much less mention it's existence! Yesterday a girl from work who lives a few blocks away from me brought this flyer that she found on her door. There's going to be a kid's carnival at Hidden Park and it had a map. I pointed out where I live and the route I take on my walks. I've never seen this park! Well, in my defense it is down an alley and even with a dog I don't go down alleys alone. Plus there are no signs pointing it out from any of the main roads. So last night Nickel, Peanut, and Snoogans (the dog) and I went on a very short walk (around the freakin' block!) to Hidden Park (it's real name) and played for about 30 minutes. There's not much to this little park. Just a big 6-person swing (you remember, like the one you had at elementary school growing up) and a slide. When we got there, there wasn't a single soul in the park. It was kind of nice, the weather was perfect and Peanut got to play (I even swung). Nickel and I wondered why there wasn't anymore playground equipment.

Well, now that I know about the Hidden Park I think we'll be taking more trips there to play!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Prayer Request

Hello friends, I hate to be so depressing but lately it feels like that's all I'm surrounded by.

Last night a group of four friends ages 18-20 were driving home to Enid from Tulsa and were tragically killed in a collision. Isaac, the oldest of the bunch, was an acquaintance of mine. We met last year in dance. He was one of the sweetest people I've ever known. The oldest of 8 or 9 kids he never met a stranger.

Want to hear something ironic? This last weekend his family held a going away party for him as he was about to leave for a year on a mission trip. He got to see all his family and close friends and tell them goodbye. For years he has participated in a Easter Drama called Eternal Crossings. He played a guy that was killed in a car accident and went to Heaven. No one doubts that that is where he is today. The church that is trying to organize the funeral for the four kids stopped by my work today to see if our facility was available and how many it would accommodate. Usually we have a couple things booked every day of the year unless the facilities are closed. Well, this weekend we just so happen to have not one single thing booked in our facilities. Seems, God's been working in this situation for a few years, doesn't it.

Please, take a moment today to pray for the families that were effected by this tragedy. Pray also for their friends and the lives they've touched their short time here on earth.

Thank you.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've been tagged by Susie and since I'm not doing anything exciting this weekend. I'll play along.

1. Three things that scare me:
Being alone in dark unfamiliar place
big big dogs

2. Three people that make me laugh:
Hutch (a guy I knew in high school that always made me laugh)

3. Three things I hate the most:
Rude people

4. Three things I don't understand:
Osmosis and why I can't just absorb text book materials
how big the internet really is

5. Three things I'm doing right now:
Wondering what I need to do to keep my China Doll from dying
drinking koolaid from a Dasani bottle
wishing I could go take a nap

6. Three things I want to do before I die:
Finish college
learn ballet
be a size six

7. Three things I can do:
Make a dump cake (it's in the oven right now)
make paper snow flakes

8. Three ways to describe my personality:

9. Three things I can't do:
submit to something I know to be wrong
imagine myself somewhere and actually be there
walk through walls (kinda goes with the second one)

10. Three things I think you should listen to:
The voices (I know I'm not the only one that hears them)
Me- now go buy someone special some flowers. If you have no one to buy flowers for email me and I'll give you the name and address of someone you can send flowers to.
You mother

11. Three things you should never listen to:
The voices that tell you to do bad things like kill, steal, lie
People who tell you you're not good enough

12. Three things I'd like to learn:
How to loose weight by wishing it off
How to tell all the flowers of the world apart

13. Three favorite foods:
Chicken Quesadias

14. Three beverages I drink regularly:
cherry coke

15. Three shows I watched as a kid:
Night Rider
A Team
Seasame Street