Friday, July 25, 2008

One Week

Well, it's been a week since Baby B was born. Life is slowly finding a rhythm. SLOWLY. We've had tons of guest and I can't keep up with my phone calls. But I promised pictures and pictures you shall have!

I was scheduled for my c-section at 10ish but Nickel, my parents, and dear friend Angie kept me entertained. Here I am pretending not to be scared out of my mind. Actually, Nickel said he was going to help the dr since they gave him that cool suit to wear but all he could find was a plastic spoon.
Baby B didn't like the nurses but stopped crying for daddy.
Peanut is obsessed with her baby brother. I'm not sure what that thing on her head is, something she made at VBS though. I was very thankful she wanted to go to VBS that week. It gave her something to do in the evenings

Happy to be holding my baby b on the outside!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

38 hours later

Well, I'm sure you expected a birth announcement right away. I expected to write one, however this kid had other plans.

Wednesday morning Nickel and I arrived at the hospital shortly after 7 and by 9 I was on the magic labor making drugs. By 7 pm I had only dialated to a 2 so they turned the drugs off for the night.

Thursday morning we resumed the drugs with the promise of having my water broke around noon.

Thursday early afternoon water could not break, I was still only a 2 and c-section seemed like the best plan but we'd wait until 5 to decide with the magic drugs still pumping.

Thursday evening the magic drugs were turned off. I still was no more then a 2 and since I was so swollen, my blood pressure so high it was decided to take the baby by c-section.

Thursday night there was a baby trying to be born feet first and someone's apendix was about to explode so I was on the list for 10 pm.

Baby B was born at 10:34 pm weighing 8 lbs 11 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

We're both fine. Should be leaving the hospital tomorrow.

Pics coming soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

End in sight

Went to the dr today. First thing he asked while walking in was if tomorrow was ok. I assured him it was and he made the arrangements. I'm allergic to being pregnant, lol, ok, maybe not, but my body doesn't really like it. I'm puffy from my thighs to my toes, my blood pressure is high (but comes down when I lay on my left side which is a good thing), and other symptoms so since I'm 39 weeks (just 7 days from my due date) we're going to try to coax this little boy out starting in the morning. Hopefully he'll be easier to talk out then his sister was. She took 18 hours to convince and I'm not sure she's ever really been convinced.

Peanut is very excited. She gone to stay the night with a friend of mine so we don't have to wake her up early. Daddy is trying to get everything squared away at work so he can take some time off. Mom is in bed, resting, and thanking God the baby's almost here!

I'll post pics and updates when I can.