Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something To Talk About

Baby B has found his voice box. When he's awake he jabbers almost non-stop. He's got lots to say you see. And of course he has a captive audience because who can refuse him? That's right, no one. Not even the puppy dog on his crib's bumper. He's really good at the short "a" sound. I've been working with him on the "m" sound but he hasn't quite put the two together to say Ma yet. Give him time.

He also is a mover and a shaker. On Halloween he rolled over from back to belly and has gone back to belly a couple times since but more often then not he just gets stuck on his belly. But he won't be stuck for long. Nope this kid kicks his legs and occasionally gets them up under him! As soon as he figures out how to lift his belly up off the floor I'll be in BIG trouble.

Well... there's a lot of baby proofing still to be done, so that's where I'll be for a while.