Monday, December 31, 2007

Coming July 2008

Peanut II
Maybe will come up with a better name by then.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

You're what?

tin roof.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chicago #3

Ok, this is my last post on Chicago. I know, you guys are probably pretty excited for me to change the subject.
Early the next morning we stood outside in line. The crazy girls that got up at 7 am got really good spots in line, and yes, those of us that showed up two hours later cut! We camped out and chatted

Ok, this isn't the best picture of the line, my phone can take three photos and put them together but as you can seen The Cookies By Design sign is a little off, but you still can see the really long line that wrapped around the building. This picture was taken a good hour before they let us in the door. We were camped out pretty close to the front of the line near Zanie's comedy club.

But after hours of waiting they finally let us in the doors and allowed us to sit. We were able to get pretty good seats even though the people in front of us were able to hold as many seats as they wanted for the people in the back. The service sucked.
But finally we got what we wanted!
This picture was taken by a sweet girl named Amanda. I met her, she's a big fan of Steve and Becky too. Of course. For the next couple of hours Steve and Becky (or Elizabeth and Jason on General Hospital) entertained us.

My favorite picture of the whole weekend! I actually had my wits about me and spoke them and told them how they were the reason I took my first plane ride ever! The flight home was easier. O'Hara wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and my friend Lorna bought me that stuff you take to make you less nausaus. Then once we landed my friend drove from Kansas City back to her house where I picked up my car and drove to my house.
The next time I fly it will be out of an airport that someone drops me off at and picks me up from!
Next post: Exciting news

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chicago Post 2

Sorry guys.... life.

We landed in Chicago with no problems. Lorna and I were to meet up with 4 other gals at the Hilton. On the little map of the airport it looked like "walking distance" HA. HA. A lady from the airport was there to pick up my friend in a wheelchair, she was having hip replacement the following week--anyway, the airport lady double timed it to the Hilton. I was out of breath by the we made it, she of course was not, she does that all day long. Oh well.

Moving on, we were able to recognize the girls we were meeting up. They were all wearing shirts I had designed and sold on at Cafe Press. One of the girls who had arrived about half an hour before we did had not made. She didn't have the airport lady double timing it through the airport. Also, she had to pick up her rental car. The three that had been there a while were getting a little cranky and wanted to leave her. I insisted we wait... there was a mess... but the six of us finally made it to Chilis and had some lunch.

(Lorna, Jaime, me and Cindy)

After lunch we split back up. The girl with the rental car had promised to pick up a couple of the other girls who were arriving within the hour so she headed back to the airport and we headed to the hotel in Vernon Hills.

Beth and I with the help of various people arranged a Meet and Greet gathering in the hotel conference room that night. The hotel staff was amazing in having everything set up the way we had asked and found last minute things for us to use. I made name tags and set at a table outside the room. I loved that job. Meeting people for the first time. There were people from three different message boards gathering. Several members of the board I post at are members of the other boards which is how they got involved (it also helped pay for the room and the catered food which was bonus!)

Me at my little table. Those are the name tags too in the bottom corner, they were really cute!

(Karen, me and Ella)

The night ended with our techy girl (who had a horrible time getting there, her original flight was delayed then canceled) hacking into her computer at home with her lap top and turning on the TV tuner in her computer that had recorded General Hospital that day and let us watch it. It was great! We also watched some old scenes of the couple we all love and adore. By the time we had to give the hotel back their room I was exhausted and ready for bed. Much like tonight. I'll try to do better with the next update.