Monday, July 27, 2009

That's how he rolls

Guess what, another Baby Butter story.

Are you tired of them yet?

Too bad.

I'm sitting at the computer but the screen is not what holds my attention. Instead it is my 1 year old son sitting on the floor in the kitchen. Throughout the day he has managed to push 5 hotwheels, 2 fire trucks, and three police cars in there. Earlier while I was cooking supper he quietly played with his hotwheels. Then we played with his firetrucks together. After super is when he pushed the 3 police cars in. He crawled along the floor with a car in each hand, then once they were right where he wanted he crawled back to the other room where the other cop was patiently waiting his turn and took him to his friends. For over five minutes now the police cars have been pushed from one end of the kitchen to the other and he's even managed to push all three at the same time by sandwiching them together. How adorable is he??!! I could watch him play all day.

He also likes to talk to the boy in the mirror in his bedroom when he's suppose to be sleeping. Today, i put a very sleepy boy in his bed and went to my own to relax and read a book. Before too long I could hear the jabbers. Lots of da-das, ma-mas and ba-bas. He makes other sounds that resemble words too. For instance the other day sitting in the doctor's office he said "breakfast". Tall Doc was impressed I believe.

These days won't last forever though. I'm so glad I get to stay home with him and watch him learn new things!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Winding Down

Peanut counted down the last days of school in May and now she counts down the last days of summer. She's ready to go back to school. Ready to start the 4th (gasp! did I just say that?) grade. And I'm ready too.

Not that having her around has been a burden. She hasn't been. She's a fantastic big sister helping me when I need it. She is getting a little whiney because we've run out of places for her to go. She hit two church camps and a girl scout camp, all of which were over with by the first of July. Now she sits at home bored most of the day because her mean mean momma won't let her watch tv non-stop. Although, I'm being nicer and letting her have it on for 30 minutes here and there during the day. A lot of her friends are in daycare or some sort of program this summer so her friend choices have been limited.

But really, the reason I'm looking forward to school starting is the routine of it. I'm sure I'll be griping about it before too long, but right now I'm looking forward to the whole day with just me and Butter. Then at 3:15 telling Peanut to do her homework before her friends come over and if she left it at school then I guess they can play TOMORROW after she finishes it. It's "unfair" I know, but like I said, I'm a mean, mean momma.

Seventeen day, counting weekends, until the first day of school. We can make it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Butter Turns One

As strange as it may seem the boy has actually gone and turned one year old this weekend. He started walking this week taking several steps each day. Mostly this is done around meal time when he feels he must check out what is on everyone's plate and taste it for quality assurance. His sister, Peanut, walked for speghetti so it's only fitting that he walked for french fries, yes?

We celeberated his birthday Friday night with family coming in from out of town. We had invited a lot of friends and family in the area but for one reason or another they were unable to make the event. Such is life in the summertime. But we had a blast! The weather was perfect in the mid 90s and the food was delicious if I do say so myself. The older children played in the pool and Baby Butter even got in for a few minutes and played too. His 10 month old cousin, Graham Cracker was the only kid not to swim but he didn't seem to mind.
Visiting with Nickel's family (mine live too far away to drive over for an evening) was fun. We hadn't all been together since Christmas. There was talk of politics and vacations and jobs and money and plans for a fall gathering at a family favorite camp site.
After everyone had filled their bellies with hamburgers or hotdogs, potato salad, deviled eggs, apple-berry salsa and cinnamon chips the cupcakes were brought out. Baby Butter was loaded into his chair and a loaf-sized cake set before him. But he was still eating a cinna-chip and cried when daddy tried to take it away.

After he made the chip disappear though he focused on his cake. We laughed for over 30 minutes as he ate it, diving face first in the cake and coming up to chew, swollow and breathe before diving again back into the cake.