Tuesday, January 07, 2020

The 2020 Reading Challenge

Last night on Facebook I asked my group of friends for a book suggestion. My Criteria included:

  • 1. Only recommend a book if you have actually read the whole thing and liked it.
  • 2. Only recommend a book if it has a good ending (I prefer a happily ever after but will settle for something that doesn't end like the Titanic).
  • 3. Nothing with political overtones, undertones or any tones of politics.
  • 4. Nothing that Oprah has ever recommended, she only recommends sappy stuff.
I was blown away by the responses I received. Several of the suggested books I had read before but a lot of them I had not and many I had never even heard of. I've been out of the library scene too long I guess. What I ended up with was a list of 45 books ranging from YA Fiction-Historical Fiction- Mysteries-Non Fiction. If I read one book per 8 days this shouldn't be a problem. And since I typically read faster than that (especially if I can listen to them at work) I should be able to sprinkle in my own selections here and there. 

Let the fun begin!