Monday, October 22, 2007

Chicago- Post 1

There is so much to say and so few brain cells awake at 8:30 this Monday morning that I'm going to have call this Post 1. I have no idea how many there will be. I guess as many as I need.
About three months ago it came to our attention that Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst would be in Chicago in October doing their first ever fan event together. In all the excitement about 15 of my friends arranged their schedules to fit this event in. I could not be left out so of course I jumped on this boat. Luckily we were able to split up the financing, the plane ticket and ticket to the show had to be paid for then and the money I save from doing weddings was my "fun" money.

Thursday afternoon I left work at 2 and headed north. I had never flown before and my sweet friend Lorna had hooked me up with her travel agent to get me on the same flight as her flying out of Kansas City. Now, for any of you too lazy to get out your maps, Kansas City is about 260 miles from Enid and there were three major airports closer to me, but like I said, I had never flown before and was a little nervous.

Friday morning at 4:50 we got up and got ready to leave. We drove in the dark until the sun started coming up on the plains. It was a beauiful sunrise, one for the books. We arrived at the Kansas City airport in plenty of time, made our way through airport security and found a seat. The airport had wifi and I was able to communicate with the world somewhat through my phone. Part of me wishes I had taken my laptop just to play with, but I'm glad I left it at home so that nothing bad could happen to it.

The time arrived for us to board the plane and the stomach was all a flutter with butterflies. Lorna gave me her window seat! During take off I said goodbye to the cows that were totally ignorning us and held on. Take off isn't bad, it feel like racing. Once in the air I was in total awe of the view.

The butterflies stayed with me for the whole flight but I managed to keep the barf bag in it's place. A lady behind me had two small children with her and one kept pulling my hair as he was grabbing on to the seat. At one point I grabbed his hand and held it for a second. He didn't pull my hair anymore. I felt sorry for the lady trying to keep up with the kids and I could smell at least one of them being sick. It was gross, but the view was amazing. We were only in the air for a little over an hour so it was great.

The tops of the clouds. I found this amazingly beautiful. It reminded me of fresh powder snow.

Up next--- Chicago, the Windy City


Anonymous said...

cool!! so glad you enjoyed flying

Leslee said...

LOL, Damamine is my friend now so yeah, I might say I "enjoyed" it.

Emma Sometimes said...



Leslee said...

Sorry Emma. I got lost in the clouds.