Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chicago #3

Ok, this is my last post on Chicago. I know, you guys are probably pretty excited for me to change the subject.
Early the next morning we stood outside in line. The crazy girls that got up at 7 am got really good spots in line, and yes, those of us that showed up two hours later cut! We camped out and chatted

Ok, this isn't the best picture of the line, my phone can take three photos and put them together but as you can seen The Cookies By Design sign is a little off, but you still can see the really long line that wrapped around the building. This picture was taken a good hour before they let us in the door. We were camped out pretty close to the front of the line near Zanie's comedy club.

But after hours of waiting they finally let us in the doors and allowed us to sit. We were able to get pretty good seats even though the people in front of us were able to hold as many seats as they wanted for the people in the back. The service sucked.
But finally we got what we wanted!
This picture was taken by a sweet girl named Amanda. I met her, she's a big fan of Steve and Becky too. Of course. For the next couple of hours Steve and Becky (or Elizabeth and Jason on General Hospital) entertained us.

My favorite picture of the whole weekend! I actually had my wits about me and spoke them and told them how they were the reason I took my first plane ride ever! The flight home was easier. O'Hara wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and my friend Lorna bought me that stuff you take to make you less nausaus. Then once we landed my friend drove from Kansas City back to her house where I picked up my car and drove to my house.
The next time I fly it will be out of an airport that someone drops me off at and picks me up from!
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Aunt Jo said...

I am very proud of you for keeping your cool in the presence of hotness. (the guy of course) haha

sounds like a load of fun!

Uncle Joe said...

yeth, that Steve ith hawwht!!!

Anonymous said...

that guy is really hot

Leslee said...

Really really hawt doozie!