Monday, May 26, 2008

Being Pregnant Means Forgetting Stuff

I'm expecting some company this coming weekend so since I had the day off today I tried my best to pick things up around the house and straighten up just a bit. Don't worry, I didn't "over do it" my body keeps me from over doing anything these days. But I did manage to find some things... like the Mother's Day Cards I bought to mail out this year. Oops... I guess that's why they call it Momnesia... that's what they call it right? Sounds right, I could be wrong. What was I talking about? I don't remember.


Aunt Jo said...

Being pregnant means a blanket excuse for a lot of things!

Oh sorry I ate you cake. I'm pregnant and the baby wanted chocolate.

Oh sorry I stepped on your hat. I can't see where my feet are going. I'm pregnant.

Oh sorry I hit your kid in the head with my belly. It's always getting in the way....I'm pregnant.

Oh Sorry I just bit your head off. I'm pregnant and you must have made my brain aneursym explode.

eija said...

Hi Leslee!

Just catching up with you - it's been a while... Good to see that you're doing well! But let me tell you: I do NOT envy you in your present condition *grin* - I'm happily over being kicked at my insides AND changing diapers :D

Exciting times you're living :)