Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's A Big Year

Peanut is in the third grade. I think this must be a big year because people keep telling "it's a big year". Third grade is when you start getting letter grades on all your papers and report cards. Third grade is when you learn to write in cursive. Third grade is when you take the big state tests. Third grade is when I realized she was determined to grow up no matter what my opinion was on the matter. Hmph.

A couple of weeks ago Peanut brought home her first progress report. The grades were where I expected them on some levels but way off in other areas. I quickly realized she doesn't quite seem to be taking school seriously. I mean, it's a big year, doesn't she care? I guess that phrase means nothing to her.

Her father and I discussed the importance of making good grades with her. We told her it's not about who hands in the paper first, but who hands in the paper right! She nodded in agreement and said she understood. We increased study time in the evening but still papers flooded home with Ds and Fs on them. Concerned that the teacher had not commented on her progress I made the phone call and made the appointment to talk to her. This momma don't like Ds and Fs. The teacher was very kind. We spoke of things that could be changed at school, areas that she needs help in even though she passed the BEAR test. I left the meeting feeling satisfied that everything the school can do to help Peanut out in fact will happen. But now comes the hard part. Lowering the boom, cracking the whip, and buckling down at home about homework and study habits do not come easy to me. I will be the first to admit that my husband and I have a pretty relaxed style of parenting, within reason of course.

I guess this is an important year. This is the year I've learned it's important to stay focused, even when I'm distracted by other things (Baby B, computer games, etc). I've learned that after the after school snack comes homework and no amount of whining or pleading will change that. I've learned that there are free online resources I can use as bargaining chips for her to earn tv time. I wonder what other lessons I will learn this year, because you know, it's a big year.


Uncle Joe said...

you will learn that you don't know what kilometers and milliliters are because that's what I just learned.

The Doozie said...


It sort of stinks that kids have to take ANYTHING "seriously". They are kids. I wish there was a way to make it fun for them

Leslee said...

Uncle Joe, that's math. I know math. Kilo mean 1000 so a kilometer means 1000 meters. And milli also means 1000 so a millileter means 1000 liters. But I will admit to not knowing the conversion of kilmeters to miles off the top of my head.

Doozie, you are so right! I'm still looking for the fun in life!

Uncle Joe said...

that's not math.
that's communism.
If yards and miles was good enough for Abe Lincoln it's good enough for me.

R said...

I went through that fear stage too. I mean, I think we mothers feel it increasingly with every child we have---it is natural once you have another baby. But soon that feeling starts to wane and you can put your trust in God that He is ultimately the one in control and that's comforting.

Peter says do not fear anything frightening! :) Easy for me to say, eh? I don't want to go in the crawl space this year! :)

R said...

And I commented on the wrong post. What a dork I am!