Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Turning ( ? ) years old

So my 17 year old friend, NotSpears, and I were talking at work last week about working the same days and nearly the same shifts last weekend when another co-worker happened upon our conversation. He didn't pretend to not listen and quickly asked me if I was in school or something. I laughed and said no. Then he asked how old I was. I smiled. I love this game.
"How old do you think I am?" I asked with a coy smile.

He furrowed his brow a little as he gave it some serious thought. He knew not to over guess because women don't usually like that but he didn't want to guess too low either. "Twenty." He finally said without hesitation.

I flashed him a million dollar smile, "You, my friend, are my new best friend!" He blinked not really understanding my response. "Actually," I continued, "my birthday is on the 11th and I will be 30." His eyes bugged out of his head. He just could not believe I was THAT old.

It's become our new game at work now. Customers, his friends, come up to the register and he quickly asks, "How old do you think she is?" I've got several different answers but mostly they're under 23. I love my job.


Cindy said...

That would be enough to make me smile for the rest of the year.

Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Leslee said...

Indeed Cindy!!