Saturday, April 24, 2010

So Good, I Cried

*insert soft melody*

 I had a customer the other night that was looking for a particular title. Since she was in the book department I assumed she wanted the book. She was looking for the DVD though. No big, I can look both up. I've had no desire to this particular movie because it's sad. I don't do sad. My customer says "It was so good, I cried."

*insert abrupt end of music co-insiding with a record scratch*

 Er, "so good, I cried?" That sounds like an oxymoron to me. I don't like to cry so how can anyone ever say something is good and that they cried.

"Oh! She said, but it has a happily ever after." I'm a little leary of this movie/book. Ok, all girls need to cry sometimes, just to get it out," she says. "The next time you need to cry and just get it all out, rent this movie."

Er. I don't forsee that anytime soon, but sure. If the time comes that I need a reason to cry (rolling my eyes here) I'm going to rent this movie.

So what's your take on "So good, I cried"? Do you like those chick-flick movies that make you weep tears of sorrow and joy? Do you like a good cry? Does it not leave you with a pounding headache like it does me?


Britt said...

Loove to cry happy tears!
Akward enough, I even like the sad ones, as long as it is because of a book or movie.

Just me said...

Crying doesn't always equal sadness. We saw "Letters to God" last week and I cried myself silly (and I'm man enough to admit it!). But I wouldn't call it a sad story at all, but rather very emotional and exceptionally uplifting. Not sure about the PS I Love You; although I think I probably saw that one I haven't the foggiest what it was about. Anyways, I dislike tragedies but don't mind emotional, uplifting, tear-jerkers now and then.

Uncle Joe said...

Unexpected acts of kindness make me tear up lately.
Then again, I'm on all sorts of heart medication.
Undercover Boss makes me tear up.

Leslee said...

Britt, I suppose you're right. Book tears are better than "my life is crap" tears.

Just me, I tend to get headaches when I full out cry.

Uncle Joe, that's a great excuse.