Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Writing Exercise

I have a writing program that gives me various writing prompts. Then I'm to write for 15 minutes. That might sound easy but isn't when you're not use to doing something like that.

This particular exercise was fun because I've gone back to school off and on several times working towards a random degree. Please note that this piece has not been edited. There are more than likely misspelled words, bad grammer, and puncutation errors. It ends where it ends. You don't exactly write a novel in 15 minutes so I did the best I could to write a whole scene.

Please feel to make comments about good or bad. After all, it was just an exercise.

Character: Bill Teets

Goal: To get a degree

Obstacle: A former girlfriend

Bill Teets walked into the science room. He was just 4 hours from finishing his degree. The only class he lacked, Chemestry. It was a lower level class but he had managed to avoid it the whole time. Until last spring when he applied for graduation and was denied. Seems some colleges, ok, most colleges wouldn't let you graduate without these four little credit hours.

Bill was not looking forward to Chemistry. He had failed it in HighSchool when Mrs McGowan taught it. The periodic table was just a bunch of letters and numbers to him.

Bill chose a seat about half back in the third row. His eyes functioned better in the front but he didn't want to seem eager. He was anything but. Kids piled into the class and took their seats and gossiped with one another.

Bill closed his eyes for a moment. Maybe this class wouldn't be so bad. "Are we already boring you, Mr Teet?" a saucy voice asked.

Hearing his name Bill quickly opened his eyes to see where it was coming from. He groaned to himself when he saw the body that went with the voice. It was none other that Veronica Hut. The girl that broke his heart ten years prior at the senior prom.

"No." Bill replied.

Veronica turned around and picked up a dry erase marker and began to write on the white board.

This is going to be a long semester, Bill thought to himself. After class Veronica asked Bill to stay a moment while the other students left.

"How have you been?" she asked as he walked up to her desk, slinging a backpack over one shoulder.

"I've been good, V. Yourself?"

She smiled and looked him up and down. "I've been good. So tell me Bill, what brings you to my class."

"Just looking to graduate, this is my last class."

"I see, and exactly how well do you think you'll do in my class, Bill?" she asked.

"Well, I'm hoping to do alright. I've got a decent GPA and I'd like to keep it. But I never was any good at this sort of thing."

"Hmm" Veronica packed up her things into a briefcase. "I suppose I could help you." She looked back at him with fire in her eyes. He knew what she was proposing. He thought about it for a moment.

He made his decision. He grinned at her. "Mighty fine offer there Veronica," he paused.

"It's not one I give very often, in fact, you're the first."

"Well, I do feel honored to be given such attention."

Veronica walked around the desk so that she was standing next to him. She ran a hand up and down his his arm. "I could make this class very easy for you,"she whispered, "or very hard." she grabbed him and squeezed.

"Oh, I know you can."


Brittaney W said...

You did awesome!!! That is AMAZING for 15 minutes. :) I hope you'll do more of these for me to read.

Leslee said...

Thanks Britt, if they're semi-worth posting I'll post more.

Just me said...

I enjoyed it as well! Provocative ending. ;-) Looking forward to more!

Aunt Jo said...

Dang girl!!!