Saturday, October 15, 2011

Road Trip

My friend Eric loves any excuse for a blogathon. Today he and his merry troupe of friend a doing a road trip blogathon. They got up early this morning and after breakfast set out on a road trip taking in some of the sites, and coffee and food along the way. You can read about it about here.

Nickel and I have been on a few out of town trips. Some more fun than others. I can recall a road trip I took with three friends about six months after graduating high school that ended with my head next to a tree on the side of a mountain, but that wasn't so much fun as it was scary, at least part of it. But none of which  I really feel are worthy of a blog. So instead I will bore you with vehicles that may or may not be fun to take a road trip in.  Enjoy.

The stiletto. Everyone woman needs at least one pair of these in the closet and one in the garage is what I'm saying. Lipstick to match is must!

 For a short bus, this big yellow is pretty pimping!

 I think the turtle and the duck should go together. For those friends with large groups that have to take more than one car. I call shotgun!

Peanut would love to have a purple and pink shark to cruise around town in.

 The snail and horse and carriage are pretty steampunk! I love them! And bonus with the snail, the kids ride on top!!

 And last but not least, the Oscar Mayer wiener van. "Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener..."

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