Friday, August 10, 2012

Did That Just Happen

I spent my day off with Peanut today. Butter likes to stick to his schedule and would really rather not go shopping so he spent a few hours at daycare. Besides, the lucky girl leaves for her annual summer Tulsa trip tomorrow. Then on Thursday Butter and I will pick her up and head to Tahlequah to visit for a few day. Pretty sweet vacation.

Nickel has threaten to "clean" Peanut's room while she is gone. That word strikes fear in both her and myself because Nickel's definition of "clean" very different ours. His involves lots of garbage bags. I'm not opposed to getting rid of junk and trash but sometimes he goes a little overboard. So to help her out we bought some clear tubs for her to sort her important things.

In the car on our way home she told me that she was actually in the mood to clean her room and was a little excited to organize these tubs. I told her I would help her pick up her room.

"Let me work on it for thirty minutes by myself, first!" she exclaimed.

"Uh, sure," I replied.

Wait, did she just say she was going to clean her room by herself? Sweet! I wasn't even trying to use reverse psychology but it worked.

I am amazing!

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