Monday, March 25, 2013

The Highlander

It is no secret, I love a good kilt. Especially when the man wearing the kilt is hot.

Take a moment and Google David Tennant, Gerard Butler, or even Sean Connery in kilt.


What was I saying? Oh yes, kilts. I like 'em. I like 'em a lot. I even like to read Medieval Romance novels set in guessed it, the Highlands. Don't judge me.

Yes, I've read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. It was a good book and would totally read the others in the series except I became some bogged down by the story line that Nickel thought for two weeks it took me to read it I was depressed, unhappy, and was going to leave him. I tend to become one with a book (which is why I choose happily ever after romance novels over thriller horror books everyday) so I'll just let my friends tell me all the interesting plot points in the rest of the series and piece the story together in my head where everyone is happy. Especially Jamie and Claire. It works for me, ok.

Nickel knows about my kilt fetish. He still refuses to wear one for me. Bummer. That would be a sight!

Today I went visited with some close friends of mine. My Melodious friend served tea. Today's blend was a very nice Highland tea. It was delicious and I may have been a glutton drinking at least four cups. In my defense, I have a terrible cold and the tea soothed my sore body. But I digress.

After our adventures and tea I came home and made a lovely Cottage Pie for dinner and took control of the remote and decided on the 1986 production of Highlander. I've seen this movie before, many many years ago.

I now remember why I haven't watched the movie is so long. It's ridiculous, as most movies from the 80s are. What were they thinking?

I had to turn the movie off before the end because I remembered why it was rated R. Because movies like this think it's appropriate to throw in a random sex scene. "Hey baby, you just found out I'm over 400 years old. Wanna have sex on my hardwood floors?"

Uh, no.

I mean, come on, ew.

He wasn't even wearing his kilt in that scene. Not that his kilt was cute in the flashbacks. It really wasn't.

Since I have a young boy and a new teenager in the house I thought it more appropriate for The Adventures of Chuck and Friends to be our entertainment. As that genre usually dominates our airwaves.

And this, my friends is why you do not watch Rated R movies from the 1980s no matter if there are kilts or not. This warning should probably apply to the 1995 production of Braveheart as well.


ibmelodious said...

I think that kiltish tea kept me up last night too. Next time I'm making myself a batch of decaf earl grey. ;)

jo(e) said...

Kilts? Really? I've just never seen the appeal. Maybe I'm not watching the right movies.

Bee said...

Hahaha, 400 years old on a hardwood floor. Cozy! Regardless of immortality, wouldn't he have bad knees?

Leslee said...

Mel- I think it was the coughing fits and snot keeping me up more than the tea. It was delicious and I want more.

Jo(e)- HAHA!! I adore kilts. But do not, I repeat, do NOT watch Braveheart or Highlander for a good kilt. :)

Bee- Even people with good knees should know better.