Sunday, July 24, 2016

Until Death Do They Part

Pardon the seriously poor quality of this picture. The point is not the picture but that are people across the street from the hospital. These people started lining up on the sidewalk across the street from the hospital about 30 minutes ago so I went to the nurse's station to investigate. Apparently there is a gentleman upstairs in ICU who received some bad news and he and his girlfriend decided to get married. Today! All these people couldn't go to the wedding so in support they're here outside the window. I assume from the way they were bent over various devices someone was posting a live feed. I hope they're able to find happiness for as many days as they're given together.

*This blog entry was created on 7/28/17 based on Facebook memories. It has been located here to help me remember the truly important events in life. The gentleman, I later learned, was 18 years old. He had beat cancer 6 times but it came back for a 7th and that was more than his body could handle. He died 9/23/16, less than two months after marrying his high school sweet heart. Life is fleeting, life is precious. Take advantage of today because tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone. 

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