Monday, April 16, 2007

Inflation is out of control!!!

So my house payment goes up every June (except that one year it actually went down but still, in June) and they always tell me in my May statement what it's going to be. Well, I got my May statement today. And you guessed it, it went up again.

Me: Honey, the house payment's going up.

Him: Great.

Me: Yeah, I'm going to need to put some extra money in the bank from now on.

Him: How much.

Me: Well, I don't care if you do it all at one time or a little bit with each check.

Him: How much more a month do you need.

Me: 43 cents a month.


Kobe's Mommy said...

Oh I know, We got something in the mail last week saying that the value of our house went up $7000. HOW?!? We just bought this house not even a year ago.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

My payments on the ayatollah compound actually went down for the first time this year. Good thing, too, because I don't know if I could sock away an extra 43 cents a month. A pug has to eat, you know.

Aunt Jo said...

I would like to donate 1 year of inflation for you. your check for $5.16 is in the mail.

Leslee said...

Kobe's Mom, I'd like to know what my house is worth these days. We've been in it almost 5 years!

Mugsy, it would put a strain on the budget!

AJ!! You're sending me a check?!?! Peanut will be so happy, we were going to take it out of her allowence!

Anonymous said...

you're truly a dork and I love it

Lynn said...

Wow! I wish that was all my bills went up!
Are your feet feeling better yet?

Leslee said...

Ba, it takes one to know one!

Lynn, I wish all my bills only went up this much. My feets are better. My ankles aren't quite normal yet but everyday they're a little bit better. I'll make a full recovery soon!