Monday, September 24, 2007

Smelling Roses

Life is good.

School is going well. I have not killed TheAnnoyingKidThatSitsBehindMe. I find it's always good to not kill your classmates. He's actually toned down a bit, the girl that sits across from him, she's next on my list. I kind of feel sorry for her. Kind of, but not really. She's obviously still in highschool and a little on the brainy side so she probably doesn't have many friends. Last week we were wrapping up the day's lecture talking about genetics and TheHighSchoolGirlWhoKnowsNothingAboutRealLife had to give an explination or example for EVERTHING. One girl actually left the room because she wouldn't stop talking. The teacher got quite upset. Not at the chick that wouldn't shut up, but at the girl who couldn't take it anymore. It's probably good I don't carry a knife to school. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Every fall I manage to fill up my schedule. Me, the girl who loves quite weekends at home will be going almost non-stop until... oh, about 2008. As I already posted we went racing last weekend. I'm doing my LAST wedding this coming weekend, you have no idea how excited I am to put this wedding coordinating behind me. And not to say I wouldn't help a friend out from time to time but sacrificing my quite weekends for other people who expect miracles is gone. Put a fork in it, it's done!

October is filling up quickly too. I'm going to Chicago around the middle of the month and the following weekend will be spent at Lake Greenleaf with family. (AJ, I'll give you a call when it get closer and I know what our exact plans are). There's other stuff going on but I haven't finished my coffee yet so at the present moment I can't think of what they are. But hopefully I can squeeze in a Saturday afternoon nap sometime there.

Well, the roses smell great, time to get back to work.

Love ya!


Ems said...

Oh, the know it all is called "That Guy", my friend JLR blogged about this phenomena (link). You'd get a laugh out of it..

What is your degree in?

Anonymous said...

em's is right, every college class has on of those talktards who won't shut up. If the teacher is smart, they will shut them up right off, because personally I feel it is rude to let one student take up my valuable learning time, and who the heck wants to hear about their uncles, cousins, sisters strange rash under their armpits?

Leslee said...

Ems, thanks for the link! I will have to read it!

Doozer, I don't want to know about ANYONE'S rashes. Gross!

Aunt Jo said...

YAY!! We have a tent and WILL travel. haha!!

Call me!