Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Defending Momma

At night, Nickel and I like to kid around and act like we're fighting and tease about who kicks the most and snores the loudest. Well, tonight he was talkin some smack so I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly and told Mr Man (I'm trying out nicknames so bare with me until I come up with just the right one) to kick his daddy. Like a good boy he did just as he was told! Nickel said he just barely felt it, but my whole stomach moved so I'm starting to wonder about his sense of touch.

Peanut never kicked her daddy. Never, ever. Well, at least not while I was pregnant. All those long months I got kicked in the bladder and ribs and he never felt her move, he might have seen her move once or twice towards the end, but everytime he entered the room she'd calm down, he'd put his hand on my belly at night, she'd go to sleep. I even tried putting my belly up to his back at night and she wouldn't kick him! Such a daddy's girl. But my boy, now he loves his momma and ain't no one, not even daddy gonna get away with talkin smack about his momma!


Uncle Joe said...

That's right sister!
You preach it!

uh huh amen allrightokuhhuhamen.

Aunt Jo said...

Daddy's Girl and Momma's Girl.

Just as it should be and all is right with the world.

Aren't you a Daddy's Girl? I am. :o)

Anonymous said...

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Bee Repartee said...

That is so sweet!

My hubby leaned in to talk to my oldest, still baking at the time. With his face and ear nearly against my belly he proceeded to tell her that he loved her, nana loved her, papa loved her, and jokingly that "mommy doesn't love you".

We both were shocked when she kicked him *in the face* through my belly. Served him right. :)