Thursday, March 06, 2008


I have finally reached the halfway mark! Here's just a little update on our progress

Morning sickness- gone

Tiredness- still here, but I am finally able to stay awake until 9 pm again!

Belly- Getting bigger, but not too fast
Baby- Kickin around and giving the nurses a hard time

Peanut- Happy and mostly waiting patiently

Daddy- Still alive!


My job is good. There's things I don't like that are beyond my control so I try not to dwell on them. Instead I focus on the positives. Last week they came to me and told me that on March 17th I will be part-time instead of full time. The package they gave me was very generous and I jumped on it. I will only be working 5 hours a day, have time to watch my soaps and pick Peanut up from school. Life is good.

Hope yours is too!


Aunt Jo said...

So our little bun is cooking right along. Good news. Peanut is PATIENTLY waiting?? Even better news. Lets check in on her again in a year and see how she feels. haha! Nickel is still alive? Amazing restraint you have there Leslee. I know that there is a high rate of Daddy injury during pregnancy. Either he is really good or really good at hiding from you. haha.

You are very blessed to have the part time gig. Best of both worlds!

Glad you are feeling good and taking care of our little honey bun.

Uncle Joe said...

Soaps were created by Satan.
except for General Hospital which is just a reality show.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Congratulations! May Allah continue to smile upon you.

Anonymous said...

sounds like yer happy

Leslee said...

AJ, Peanut asks from time to time when the baby will get here, but for the most part she just goes about her normal day.

UJ, General Hospital rocks!!!

AM, thank you my little pug friend!

Doozie, I am!

Emma Sometimes said...

It's a good time for not being too big, and not being too sick. I loved that stage...

You are so fortunate to have such accommodating employers. Part-time is good!!

Leslee said...

Emma, this is a good place.

Aunt Jo said...

SO are you waiting to deliver this baby before you update this bloggie??