Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I don't like Valentine's Day very much. Me and him have history and I learned early on I didn't like him. Not one bit.

My birthday is the 11th of February. Growing up I received many a stuffed dog with red hearts for spots. I didn't like dogs and I didn't like hearts but people always bought me the generic Valentine's gifts instead of something I did like. I know, it should've been the thought that counted but I tried to pick out things I knew my friends liked for their birthdays I just couldn't understand why they couldn't do the same for me.

When I met Nickel and I knew that I'd always have a date for Valentine's Day and flowers that I never received from the boyfriends I never had. But he doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day. He doesn't celebrate my birthday either. Sometimes I get a card. If he remembers in time. And stops at the store for something and sees the cards.  Flowers just die so he refuses to spend money on them. I like to remind him that he'll die someday too but I still shell out the dough on stuff for him. He doesn't get it. I'm lucky to get a "Happy Birthday" and a "Happy Valentine's Day" during the month of February.

Nickel did bring home supper for me the day before my birthday. I, of course, had to pay for it though.

Gosh I sound bitter.

Well, maybe I am a little bit.

One year the temps were bitter cold and our pipes froze while we were at work and it took Nick crawling under the house, a lamp, a plumber and a lot of money the next day to get water back on. That held the "suckiest Valentine's Day" award in my book. Well, until this year.

This year my whole family decided to get sick before Valentine's Day. So for Valentine's day this year Baby Butter and I went to the doctor. He has the flu. I do not. Yet.

So, instead of a nice dinner in a crowded resturant I spent a hundred bucks on flu medicine. Another 30 for misc items like tissues, clorox wipes and meds for Nickel. And then another 10 at sonic on milkshakes because none of us feel like eating.

And just as I was about to put this horrible day to bed my sweet two year old, Baby Butter walked up to me, put his little hands on the sides of my face and pulled me to him and gave me three kisses on the cheek. (blinks back tears)

Yep, this was the best Valentine's Day ever.


Mdgtfrmhll said...

Baby boys are the sweetest. Better than any grown up manboy. Hugs

Amber said...

Awe.. very sweet ;o)

Amber said...

... from Baby Butter that is ;o)

Leslee said...

LOL, I knew what you mean. :)