Sunday, December 17, 2006

All church-y stuff

Ok, so last Sunday night we took Peanut to our live Nativity and Hanging of the Green ceremony. It was Peanut's year to play Mary but she really wanted to be an Angel instead. Either of the characters would be a stretch for her but they let her play an angel. So the actors come out of the youth house all dressed up and JD started reading the Christmas story. In walks Mary and Joseph. Mary takes a seat on the hay and when it gets to part where she gives birth...well, Mary reaches around back and whips out a baby from her back pocket.

I couldn't help it. I guffawed! Then the angels were announced. There Peanut stood in all her 45 inches with wings that dragged the ground standing next to the other angel who was head and shoulders (and wings) taller then her. I guffawed again.

Next walked in the three Wise Men Guys. They gave their gifts to the baby and stood there. They had enough gold tinsle "bling bling" to make a rapper jealous. I, and others, laughed so hard but God bless JD, he didn't stop reading the story. I kept waiting for the wise guys to bust a move, but they behaved themselves!

Then we went inside to do a little singing and "hang the green" or decorate the tree. The instructions were that a couple people should come up, hang up their decorations, sit down, and a couple more come up. Well, in less then 2 minutes all the decorations were on the tree. I think I need to hire these kids to decorate my tree next year, it took me three days!!!

Ok, now skip ahead to Wednesday night choir practice. We have a lot of fun and crack a lot of jokes. But we were working very hard on a piece we were trying to get ready for Sunday morning. It's a beautiful piece that starts out with the Sapranos and Altos singing "Veni Veni Remptdor" after singing it through I gave Doc a puzzled look and told him there was a misprint in my book. He looked at me puzzled and I said, "Isn't it suppose to say Venti Venti Macchiato?" He gave me the baby cow in a hail storm look(rolled his eyes back into his head) then we proceeded to sing it again until he was satisified it was ready for Sunday morning. The coffee girl sitting next to me laughed, that was good enough for me.


Lynn said...

OK, I would have been laughing during the play, too. Especially with Mary getting the baby out of back pocket!

Funky-Redhead said...

Was this free? Cause' I would' bought tickets for that kind of Comedy!

Leslee said...

Yes, it was free for all. I'm sure God got a kick out of it all too!

Badoozie said...

very good, golden!!
love the comment on THE LORDS DRINK

R said...

So, umm, are you Episcopalian? I ask that because of the "hanging of the greens"---usually they do that.

The choir sounds pretty fun!

Leslee said...

R, I'm baptist,and we aren't scared to do things a little different!

uncle joe said...

Oh lookie, it's a G-mail reunion.
Don't ya'll ever get tired of each other?

Sounds like everybody at your church has been spikin' the punch bowl..

Crazy Bapteeests....

EmmaSometimes said...

Venti Venti Macchiato! HAHAH! Oh, that is funny.

UncleJoeBatmanLifeTooMr. AJ,
gmail reunion?

As in, everyone here uses gmail? Huh?

Where is the egg nog?

Leslee said...

I called Uncle Joe on the phone and asked him what the heck he meant by gmail reunion. He's said something about all girls talking, well, there's only about 4 guys that read my blog and excep for Uncle Joe they only comment once in a while so the chances of just girls having a conversation before he has a chance to weigh in on the subject are pretty good.

Badoozie said...

maybe he is jealous and wants to BE a girl

eija said...

Bwahhahhaa... Kids are so funny while they do their stuff so seriously and full-heartedly!

Venti Venti Macchiato... Hmm - sounds delicious! *grin*