Sunday, December 10, 2006

And fun was had by all?

Well, I don't know that I'd go far as to say fun was had by ALL. Last night was my staff Christmas party. I picked up the babysitter around 6 and dropped her off at an empty house. Peanut was out at a Christmas party of her own but was to shortly be delivered. As Nickel and I pulled out of the drive way I told him that I had a headache. It didn't get any better. In fact as the evening went by it got worse and worse almost to point where I felt like throwing up every time I stood up. We played an intersting game of Chutes and Ladders. See, the church bought each of us a $20 gift card to somewhere. There were lots of cool ones like Starbucks, Davincis (another coffee place) Chili's, Applebees, etc. Then there were the not so cool ones like the grocery store and Walmart, but hey free money is free money. But as we landed on our number we had to exchange our card with whatever the instructions said (like who you'd least like to see in hot pink lipstick or three to your left or office closest to yours or your spouses). Well, seeing how there were 13 of us the game took forever. Not good for my already pounding headache. I tried not to let it get the best of me though and did pretty well at ignorning it pounding. After what seemed like 3 hours we were all pretty tired of playing the game. Several people came close to winning but they'd end up going down a chute causing the game to go on and on. Finally I was just 6 spaces from the end and E rolled a 6 and gave it to me. The last instruction was to get whatever card I wanted and the rest of them were frozen. So what did I get?

Starbucks, of course! Gotta feed this Carmel Macchiato obsession!

Headache still here this morning, but it's almost gone. I'm sure after I take a nap this afternoon I'll feel much better!!!


uncle joe said...

You probably got a headache cause you're mean.
Or you're pregnant.

Or pregnant and mean...

right Leeles?

Leslee said...

You Sir, are most definately wrong on all accounts!

Madcap said...

Well, I'm glad it all worked out to Starbucks in the end, Leslee!

Aunt Jo said...

I work with a bunch of party poopers and they would never have that much fun at a party that didn't involve alcohol.

Since our church doesn't have Sunday School, we aren't even invited to ANY Christmas parties. NONE! That is so sad.

Leslee said...

Aunt Jo, Uncle Joe needs a good beating. Do you think you could handle that for me? You're closer.

Badoozie said...

i hate those weird stealing games. i hate them!! and i hate games that go on forever!!!

and i hate headaches!!!

ok i'm all done now.