Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Idiot Driver

Despite the fact that I took the blame for my car accident last October I really am a good, safe driver. I don't like to pull out into traffic with the hopes that other people will stop or at least slow down for me. I always look before turning and look while turning as well. Well, tonight I met an idiot and I'm sad to report she was a woman. This is my story of the Idiot Driver.

The South Office (starbucks) is located just south of my home church. I was actually running a little ahead of time (instead of late) so I thought I'd take advantage of such an occasion and to grab me a grande Carmel Macciatio. Coffee doesn't prevent me from sleeping at night so drinking it at 6:30 pm would do no harm. I get my coffee and am on my happy way to church. So I go to leave the shopping center parking lot. I get to the place I will be exiting from and turn on my blinker to let the world know I wanted to make a right hand turn. Before I had a chance to really see what oncoming traffic was like in pulls a nice new white Trail Blazer and stops blocking my view of on coming traffic. Now, let me point out that the Blazer obviously sits higher then my Maxima so I cannot see anything except this Blazer. And the blazer sits there.

Blocking. My. View. For. Ever.

After a little bit I hear a honk, but it isn't coming from behind me and then a couple seconds later a red jeep drive past and from the sound of the motor was changing from a lower gear, I can only assume, but I think this jeep wanted some coffee too but this blazer was preventing anyone else from entering the shopping center parking lot by sitting there. I look in my mirror and there is now a guy sitting behind me. Probably wondering the same thing I was. What's this chick in the Blazer waiting on. He must've gave up because soon afterwards he went to a different exit. I checked her front end. Here headlights were on but her blinkers or emergency lights were not indicating to me that she was not having any car trouble. I rolled down my window thinking maybe she'd do the same so I could ask her what her deal was and why she was doing everything in her power to prevent me from moving. I shrugged my shoulder to her indicating that I didn't know what she was doing. I could see her inside her vehicle but she cared not to roll her window down to speak with me so I rolled mine back up. She sure didn't seem at all worried about the fact that I couldn't move until she did. I was starting to get a little irritated. Finally she pulled up a couple of inches allowing me to see partially around her. I pulled up just enough to not get my nose whacked off my a pickup. She pulled up a little further finally giving me the view I required to be able to make this turn without having to shopping for another car tomorrow.

After what seemed like eternity I was able to pull out to go to church. As I was driving away I looked in my rear view mirror just in time to see her making a sharp left turn into the Curves parking lot. Um, yeah. She wasted all that time , knowing I couldn't go until she moved but not wanting to move because it's not a large enough parking lot to pull in a little ways and turn around just to avoid blocking traffic for 10 minutes! Good grief manard!

Ok, just so this isn't just a total rant about stupid idiot women drivers of White Trail Blazers here's a picture of me being a good driver. See, I had my hat on, both hands on the wheel, and was NOT blocking the view of on coming traffic!


Badoozie said...

your story confused me, it seemed like you said you got hit by a truck when you pulled out, but then again i'm retarded so consider the source

Emma Sometimes said...

there are days when road rage is a good alternative. :o)

Lynn said...

And that is an example of why I hate city driving.

Very cute picture.

Madcap said...

You cutie-patootie!

R said...

Nice hat.

I hate big huge cars.