Friday, January 26, 2007

Random Outburst

I'm looking forward to this weekend. It's not suppose to snow...much. I don't like winter. I don't like being cold. I don't like having my family couped up in the house for days on end! Nickel gets the winter blues and drives me crazy with his moodiness. Peanut's been sleeping on her floor, I don't get it either so don't ask me to explain. I'm ready for spring and summer. Nickel and Peanut pulled the motor out of my camaro last summer and I'm ready for them to go back to work on it. It would've come in handy to have it running yesterday when I couldn't get my new (but lovingly used) car to start and ended up walking Peanut to school. $233 dollars later I have a new ignition switch module and a new set of keys... but I have to keep the old ones for the doors.
A couple of months ago I was given 4 tickets to go see the Hornets play on the 8th by a guy I know who has season tickets but can't go to all the games. I'm excited because I'm considering it an early birthday present (my birthday is Feb 11). Nickel's brother and his wife are going with us. Yesterday E, Nickel's brother, asked if were getting a sitter to keep Peanut all night so that we could stay the night in the City. We hadn't thought about it but now that he mentioned it, that does sound like a really nice idea! It'll be pretty late when the game is over and not getting home until midnight doesn't really sound like fun. So I'm going to be making some phone calls today and see who I can get to keep Peanut and if they'll take her to school that Friday morning. It might end up being a really nice early birthday present.
I'm not Catholic but the last couple of years I've participated in Lent. During Lent (which begins on Ash Wednesday and runs 40 day and 6 Sundays to Easter) many people make a self sacrifice and "give something up". Every year that I've done it I've given up all soda. One year I gave up chocolate at the same time. That was very stupid...chocolate and coke at the same time.... I think you understand. And I've learned it's not so much as what you give up and to what you take on, using that extra time to get closer to God and focus what what His life really meant and still means today. All that to say that today I got a really cool free book in the mail today. It's called Journey to the Cross/40 days of discovery. Each week has a little devotion and so does each day. It has recommended reading and then space to write down any thoughts. The back of the book has several pages to write down prayer request. I'm very excited about it and am looking forward to digging in to study guide next month.
Anyway, hope ya'll have a good weekend!


Badoozie said...

it's cool that you get to go see the hornets, you'll have tons of fun

i think i'll give up talking

wessexcathedral said...

Lent---let's see...I don't know what I would give up. I usually don't participate in Lent even though my denomination celebrates it. I am sort of new to the whole thing though, so that explains my delay. I would have to think about that....

Lynn said...

Bryan went to a Hornets game last year with 4H. He said it was a lot of fun.