Sunday, January 14, 2007

Family Bonding?

The weather turned frightful early Friday. Small beads of ice started pouring from the sky but there was much to do. Reports had to be run but stuff for the reports had to be posted first. It was time to buckle down and just do it. Nike would have been proud. By noon I printed my reports and stared outside at the now white parking lot. There wasn't a car outside that didn't belong to an employee. That's ok, it meant I was able to do what I needed to do without interuption.

By two the decision to close the offices as soon as we were done with our work was made. I didn't have to be told twice, I don't like driving on ice. Nine years ago I was with three of my friends returning from an out of town trip. Hammer, the only boy in the car was driving, because that's what men do, right? He was trying very hard to impress the girl in the front seat but all he did was make me sick from the slipping and sliding. He took a corner too fast, started fish tailing and my head as soon next to a 50 or so year old tree, part way down the steep hill in the Ozark Mountains. I decided to go ahead and get Peanut then. They weren't going to close schools early but I didn't really want to be there an hour later with all the other parents in an icy parking lot.

As I left I realized that because it was sleet and not freezing rain (there is a difference) falling there was actually some traction. I picked up Peanut and we went to the movie store. We managed to pick up three movies, one for each of us even though two were cartoons. Made a quick drive thru at Starbucks for my last cup of goodness for several days and started home. I felt my car slip once and decided no more stops...except the Dollar Store to get some kitty litter. You never know when you're going to need kitty litter.

Saturday past with only one big fight. Seems the Peanut didn't want to go to bed and I was insisting. She gets unbearable when she's out of her routine so I insist on her going to bed within 30 minutes of her bedtime.

Sunday brought the last of the sleet and snow (mostly sleet). Peanut actually attempted to clean her room. I did several more loads of laundry and watched a couple of movies. I had forgotten how much I loved Sweet Home Alabama. That's such a good movie, ya'll. We even ventured out to the store. I had stocked up on non-parishables Thursday but didn't buy anymore meat so we braved the elements 7 blocks to the store. Peanut wanted lots of things like another bottle of juice, some Kool-Aid, jello, etc. Nickel wanted meat so I bough him a roast to cook tomorrow. I wanted a couple of magazines to look at. I should have bought a fountain coke there because Sonic was closed. I was sad.

Work has been called off for tomorrow. Peanut didn't have school because of the Federal holiday so at least this will be one snow day they won't have to make up. The weather forcast says it'll start warming up on Wednesday, above freezing for a few days.

I'm a little worried about my friends Aunt Jo and Uncle Joe, and their Jo daughters. They live in the part of the state that got hit the hardest. The weather company is reporting about 20,000 customers without power this evening, mostly around their side of the state. There's no doubt in my mind that they're ok, but I've seen 6 year olds when they can't watch tv.

My pastor is trying to get back home from a mission trip in Romania. He's not having an easy time and it's not all the weather's fault. Hopefully he will be home soon because he's very much missed.

Well, this is turning out to be a really long post and I didn't really intend that when I sat down today. I hope you all are well. Drop me a line in the comment box so I can have some emails to read, ok? Thanks!

Good night!


R said...

Crazy! It was 70 here yesterday! I went running in the great wide open since it was so warm!

Lynn said...

I'm glad to hear that things are alright with you. We layed around watching movies pretty much all weekend, too.

Emma Sometimes said...

oooh, love to hear about Romania.

it's weird everywhere. we have snow today, too. better than the ice we usually get.

eija said...

I just can't help it but I find it so funny that in America schools and offices are closed because of some snow or ice :D

Here it hasn't happened ever. No matter how much snow - or anything - came pouring down, off to work you go! Just have to use winter tyres...

A couple of years ago the airport got closed because there was such a heavy snowstorm (they couldn't clear the runways fast enough) but that only meant the flights weren't going up or coming down. Everyone still had to work!

It would be lovely... that the offices were closed if there was something on the ground. Well, this winter it wouldn't help much but on a regular year it would mean a few months off - and wouldn't I like that! *grin*

Leslee said...

Eija, yes, I'm sure we seem quite silly to you. But please remember we don't have ice very often so most people don't have much practice driving on it. I'm sure there are a few people that have snow tires or chains for occasions such as this, but I for one don't. You should come over and teach us all how to drive on this stuff!!!