Friday, June 03, 2011

What would you do if I handed you a squirrel in a sweatshirt?

If you missed the post From the Stacks you might not understand, but then again, you might not care. The gist of things is for my friend Eric's Blogathon I've opened up my blog in a "Ask the Librarian" sorta way.

The first question I received came from the adventurous ibmelodious and she asked

What would you do if I handed you a squirrel in a sweatshirt?
Wow. What a great question because you never really know when you're going to be faced with this type of situation.

For instance, perhaps you bought this cute little squirrel at Sugar Bush Squirrel for 28.99 plus S&H.

If that were the case, I would simply say "Thank you it's adorable! I can't decide where I want to put this little treasure." And a week later you would receive a thank you card in the mail or handed to you in another social occasion.

But if I were handed a live squirrel wrapped up in a sweatshirt I would probably just throw the sweatshirt down and run away as fast as I could like a girl screaming my head off. You know squirrels. They have fangs and stuff.

However, if this squirrel were injured and that is the reason it is wrapped up in a sweatshirt I will ask you "Where was your towel?" then we could contact one of the local wildlife rescue people and after the adventure we would sit in one of the local area coffee bars and retell the story over and over until it grew in epic proportions and Lifetime asked if they could make a tv-movie of the event. We would of course agree and then pick out the actresses we would like to play us. I'm going with Sandra Bullock or Tina Fey.


ibmelodious said...

Well, we are halfway to the point of the Lifetime I may as well pick an actress too...(And let me say my vote for your actress is Tina Fey 'cause she's awesome and funny like you). My choices for an actress to play me would be Emma Watson (She'd better start growing her hair back out!) or Julia Roberts, who would need to stand on her knees because she is WAY taller than me.

Eric Castillo said...

Wait. Librarians have a sense of humor? When did this happen?

haha I love these posts Leslee and 2nd the vote for Tina Fey

Leslee said...

Mel, Emma Watson is kinda young but she could still play you. And yes, I believe you and Eric are right, Tina Fey must play me.

And yes, Mr. Sassy Pants, Librarians not only have a sense of humor we know where to find it without looking up the call number. Well, sometimes anyway.