Friday, June 03, 2011

Who is your most fabulous friend?

The third question today comes from Constance and she asks:

Who is your most fabulous friend? ;)
Well, Constance. I have to tell you, I don't have just one most fabulous friend, but rather a small, elite group of friends. They are my GNO friends (and that G in not silent because there is nothing silent about this group of ladies).

In the beginning there were four of us. We met about once a month to drink coffee and tell stories of the things happening in our lives.

Pictured here from top to left: Abby, Julie, Vickie, and myself

Then we added a couple more.
From left to right: Abby, Constance, Vickie, Julie (in the back) and Melodie

Our lives continually change. Abby moved and Julie will soon move away too. But I know that no matter where I am in my life I can pick up the phone or drop by their house and these girls will make me laugh when I am sad. Feed me when I am hungry. And love me despite all my flaws. They are my besties. Not to be confused with my Beasties, they're obviously Boys. ;)
Beastie Boys


ibmelodious said...

I love hangin' with your Besties...though I would also probably enjoy hanging with the Beasties. They make enjoyable music. :0) Love you, GNOs without a silent "G"!!! Green Night Owls foreva!

constance said...

Thank you for that stupendous answer friend :)