Thursday, February 22, 2007

10 is ENOUGH!!!

So a couple of weeks ago Nickel brought home 2 pet mice for Peanut. I was less then thrilled but didn't put up too much of a fight. Nickel and I had a pet rat when we got married. Bebee was a sweet little rat and Nickel cleaned out her cage and all was good. Bebee died before Peanut was born. This morning Peanut was commenting on how fat the black one was. I told her she better not be pregnant because we don't have room for baby mice. Well, that's just too dang bad. After sending Peanut to get me a Kleenex she came back almost hysterical.

"MOM!" she exclaimed. "My two mice are married!"
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"They had babies, they're grown ups now and married now!"
"What do you mean they had babies?"
"Come see, they got married and now they have babies!"
Yep, 8 babies. I'd say they're grown ups. Oh, and the cat that Peanut's been holding hostage since she came home three weeks ago, she's pregnant too. Probably have her litter within the next few weeks. Guess we're gonna need to build on to the house now.

Here's the proud daddy keeping his babies warm while momma got a drink of water.
Did you know they were born bald? I didn't. Now I need to go google mice and see if there's anything I need to know.


Lynn said...

Baby mice and kittens...

Sounds like an interesting combination.

~Jennifer said...

lol! I remember when the two "boy" guinea pigs we got ended up getting married and having babies. I guess one just hid her femininity really well (or the clerk at the pet store didn't know what she was doing).

Anonymous said...

those are freaky ugly!!

Leslee said...

I think they're ulgy too! I'm going to talk to one of the teachers at Peanut's school tomorrow. I was told she might be in need of mice. I don't even care if it's to feed a snake!

eija said...

And I can't see the pic... :(

Maybe you should keep the baby mice to feed the kittens-to-be? *grin* yeah... It might be too much for Peanut...