Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Pets

So, thanks to my friend Parker the mice have found a home. I asked him Sunday if he needed them and he laughed and said no. But then he suggested a teacher at Peanut's school (where he use to go as well) that might be interested. I called her and she was indeed very interested. I won't tell you what she wants them for...but here's a hint: snake.

She was also very pleased to have the mommy and daddy mice because most pet stores won't sell female mice because they don't want you breeding your own. But now she can.

Peanut was a little sad that I had given the mice away without her being able to say goodbye but I reminded her that cat would have kittens in just a matter of days (Please dear God, let it be 2 or less!). That made her happy until she remembered that I had let the cat outside last Thursday and she hadn't come home yet. But God heard her prayers again and sent the pregnant cat back home yesterday so that Peanut can hold her hostage until the kittens are born. Then I'm having the cat fixed. I say this every time, but I mean it this time!

I'm thankful every day that the dog is a boy and that the fish is alone in its tank!


HeyJules said...

Hahaha...what a great post! The dog's a boy and the fish is alone in his tank....hahahahaa

eija said...


I could take a kitten, but Mr Right is allergic to cats. And despite everything I'm not ready to give him away :D

Lynn said...

Poor little fish. All alone in it's tank...