Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm back!

Hey everyone I'm back. I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you all for your birthday wishes and e-cards! I love to get attention!

We didn't do anything wild and crazy. I got some money from my mom and Nickel's grandma so I hit Goody's to look for a new warm winter coat, purse, and watch. I found just what I wanted and everything was on sale! The three things came to exactly what I got so I was a very happy girl! As I mentioned a few posts ago I was given tickets to a Hornets basketball game in OKC for last Thursday night. Nickel's brother and sis-in-law were suppose to meet us but they had trouble getting a sitter so Nickel's uncle took the sis-in-law's ticket. We met at a wonderful Mexican restaurant and ate chips and queso until we were full (I had some real food too)! The game was exciting, the Hornets won in double overtime! Nickel didn't want to stay the night in the City so he drove us home while I napped. The next morning we just relaxed and did a little bit of shopping before I had to go to work at 1. I only had one day of vacation left before my rollover date in April so I split it between Thursday and Friday. Made it seem like a long time off!

The rest of the weekend was quite. I got to take a nap Saturday. Nickel made lunch and a birthday cake on Sunday (my actual birthday). He even washed the dishes before and after lunch! He's such a good man! He's not into romance like some men and refuses to send me flowers. His reasoning? They're just going to die so why waste the money. My rebuttal? So is he but I still waste my time and money on him. He's still not convinced. But that's ok, I buy what I want when I want them and you know he pays for it in the end. My momma sent me some extra money in my birthday card and told me to buy some flowers. I bought a pretty red Begonia and some coffee from Starbucks!

My favorite present? Peanut read me two of her books for my birthday!


~Jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday!

Sounds like a lovely time. :-)

R said...

Sounds great.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Your flower rebuttal is sensible. I never thought of it like that.

Anonymous said...

well, i never understood why people don't get things for each other based on how they feel about it because it's about the other person.

glad you had a good time

Anonymous said...

Hey, hope you had a glad b-day! As a fellow male of the species, I understand exactly what he's saying, but I discovered a long time ago that flowers have nothing to do with making common sense - they're for making a happy wife! Happy wife = happy life.