Tuesday, March 22, 2011


hodgepodge — n 1. a jumbled mixture 2. what happens when a blogger is too lazy to make three seperate blog posts

Today marks Peanut's 11 year on this earth. I don't remember age 10 having this big of an affect on me. Eleven just seems so much older. So much more mature. In a way, I miss the 5 year old that would tell me wild, often exasperating stories about penguins and sharks. But mostly I'm just excited to see her growing up and having adventures. She recently had an adventure with her grandma in Tulsa for Spring Break. She came home with a new haircut, some clothes and shoes, and high praise from her grandparents who said she was polite, kept her room clean and even made her bed! I was so proud of her!
While Peanut was away Nickel and I went on a date. We took Butter with us of course. That's how our dates have been for 11 years now because I'm too cheap to hire someone to watch my kid for a couple of hours. Our big date was dinner and a trip to Walmart. HA HA! At Walmart I finally broke down and bought a Digital Converter for our tv. We turned the cable off last summer because we didn't really use it. Peanut did but since she doesn't have a job to pay for it her vote didn't really count. Besides, we have Netflix and are able to watch tons of stuff there. Anyway, after hooking it up we discovered that we were able to get 4 or 5 channels which is enough for us. Tonight, I put Sesame Street on for Butter while Nickel went to take a shower and I settled down at the computer to catch up on email and blogs. A while later Nickel came and asked if I had changed the channel on the tv in the bedroom. I had not but there Butter was on the bed watching Star Trek, his grandfather's favorite show, with this head propped up by his hands perfectly relaxed. Sometimes it's a little freaky just how much he's like his grandfather, whom he's named after. Personally, I think it's really cool how much he's like him. It's kinda like we still have him around, just in a much smaller version.
I'm fasting from Facebook for Lent. My Twitter updates show up on Facebook. I'm not sure that that is really a good thing though. I had set it up that way after a friend told me it wasn't fair that I would be depriving her of my updates. But now that I know that my updates are going to Facebook and I won't go read the responses is starting to make my fingers itch a little bit. Not knowing what was going on in everyone else's lives, not that all that many earth shattering event have been posted on Facebook, but you just never know when it'll show up and I'm missing them! But then I think to myself, most of the people I'm friends with on Facebook I hadn't talked to since 1997 to 99. My truest friends have my phone number and call or text me anything I really should know right away. And of course there's always email which I'm sure is listed in my profile information if someone really truly wanted to talk to me. So the fact that I haven't really heard from that many people in the last 14 days should tell me something, right? LOL, it tells me that people have lives seperate from mine and I'm cool with that. I'll be ok for a few more days I think. ;)

So, that's what's going on in the Fresh-Cut world. Please, leave me comments. I could use some communication here.


Melodie said...

Dear Friend-who-is-depriving-me, I miss you. Like it or not, FB is my primary means of communication with the world, and I know I'm one of those ding dongs whom you haven't heard much from. Please accept my appologies, and my love.

As for your hodgepodge: Peanut is getting old. There are lots of fun, and not-so-fun things ahead for both of you. As long as you're in it together, everything's gonna be alright. Jesus protected us through the bumpy pre-teen and teen years, and we survived, right? :-)

Now for Butter...I am living proof that watching sci-fi from a very young age makes people extra awesome (insert wink), so I'm very excited that Dan is into Star Trek. My show was Doctor Who, and no one in my family liked it besides me. I had to fight with one of my uncles to get to watch it rather than watch Road Runner on Saturday mornings. It was worth the fight. :0)
Here is the short version of what has been happening on FB... I've started re-organizing the entire house. It is a lot of work. I've been listening to Annie Lennox and Beck. My friend Daryl butt dialed my cell phone the night before last at 3:11 a.m. and I let him live because I love him just enough not to kill him. :0)

I hope your fingers are relaxed now. <3

seethroughfaith said...

thought of you thought of you when I read this. Phil asks the very pertinent question

Do we still regard social media networks as optional, a luxury and an indulgence even, or are they an essential aspect of communication and community in the cult...ure we inhabit?


"Why have people not considered giving up speaking, listening, reading and writing for forty days? Are the only valid forms of enrichment and refreshment during Lent verbal face to face contact and pre internet forms of communication and cultural expression? The questions sound flippant but they are sincere. "

I found it thought provoking and offer it as that - not as a criticism of your lent fast (or anyone else's) ... you can read the whole thing here