Monday, March 07, 2011

The Simple Things

I now work at the Library. I don't know if I've mentioned that here on my blog or not. Most of my readers live in the same flat state that I do, but I know from time to time I have a few visitors from other parts of the world. Anyway, I've been there three months and I can honestly say that I like my job.

Today, I saw this really cute red headed guy, probably about 8 years old, walk across the library with the BIGGEST smile of pure happiness on his face. He was holding a book. I couldn't tell which book it was, but he held it close to his heart in a bear hug. This kid looked like he'd just opened up his birthday presents and got everything he ever wanted AND a pony.

I've seen a similar look on several other people at the library, but not to this extreme. Several people when I call to tell them that books they asked to be held for are in squeal with delight. They're probably jumping up and down, I just can't tell. Obviously. And even with their smiles when they come to pick up their book they're not the pure happiness of this little red headed boy today.

It got me thinking about the simple things in life. I remember when I was growing up and would money for my birthday. It was never a lot of money, but it was to me. And with that money I was able to buy my Barbie a brand new outfit!!! I'm pretty sure my face matched that redheaded boy's today.

Is it just the innocence of age that allows children to have that pure joy over simple things? As we grow older do we just become jaded to this world of disappointments that simple things just can't produce pure joy anymore? Or is it not really and age thing but more an American thing. Here we get stuff all the time and simple things like a borrowed book from a library means so little compared to the latest electronic gizmo.

The Lenten season is upon us again. I hadn't even realized it and hadn't been preparing for it at all. I didn't plan to give anything up as I have in past years. But today I realized that Ash Wednesday is this week. And I began to think. And the more I think about it the more resolved I become in my decision.  I want to find joy in the simple things so that means I need to get away from time wasters, namely, Facebook. I waste a lot of time on Facebook everyday so this will be a challenge of epic proportions for me. I like a challenge, especially one I set for myself.

I hope that boy I saw in the library today never loses his happiness in finding the perfect book. And I hope that I can find such pure joy in the simple things, like a borrowed library book.

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