Monday, January 30, 2012

Copy Cat? Nah

My friend Danielle asked me tonight if I really made all those cookies on my blog.

[insert my confused look on my face]

I pulled up my blog on the computer.

[insert a confused look on her face]

She whipped out her phone and brought up my blog. Only it wasn't my blog. The name was ever so slightly different. is an adorable website (started 3 years after this blog I will only note is a hushed whisper) where this lovely, I'm sure, lady named Terri makes some wonderful looking cookies. Her blog is better designed and I will admit that I'm a little jealous.

But I also don't update this blog like I did once upon a time when Peanut (who just attended her first winter formal) said such clever things. As Butter grows up he'll be saying and doing more fun things that will require a blog post I hope and then I can blog like the wind again.

But anyway, go check out Terri and her beautiful cookies. Tell her hello from the other fresh cut flowers. :)

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