Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost Seven Years, But We're Not Counting

I've had several conversations lately about this blog. People always seem amazed when I tell them I've had it for nearly 7 years. In some ways it doesn't feel that long but in others it defiantly does.I've met some pretty amazing people, strengthened acquaintances and formed lasting friendships thanks to this blog.

I've introduced you to my family through pictures and stories and I don't see an end to this blog for some time even though my posts are sporadic at best these days.

Here's the first picture of Peanut I ever posted here in August 2005 with her then new dog.

My gosh is she just a little thing. Snoogans looks the same though even though the leash has faded into an ugly, dingy, ratty blue.

Here is Peanut in a recent photo. I mentioned in my last blog that she had recently attended her first winter formal. She's in middle school and they think they need to dance with boys in middle school. Yuk! Bleck! Ew!!! They have cooties. But she doesn't seem to care as much as she did once upon a time.

All grown up, my girl. Isn't she beautiful?! She's not finished amazing me yet. And her brother, well, he's just getting started on his adventure. I hope you'll continue to watch my family grow and mature over the years.

Leave me a comment. Let me know I'm not here by myself.

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Coasting Anon said...

I'm here :) I can't believe she's so grown up.