Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fresh Cut Flowers and other stuff

Someone needs to remind my husband that when the weather gets crappy outside all he needs to do is send me some flowers and I'll be all better.
But since he hasn't, you get to read me whine! Lucky you!
I hate cold weather.

10 reasons why I hate cold weather:
10. My feet get cold
09. My hands get cold
08. My nose gets cold and red and sometimes runny
07. Having to wear extra clothes (more clothes make you look bulky and I look bulky enough)
06. The secretary (who controls the heating and cooling of my office) could go by the name "Flashy" and we're not talking about flashing people....think about it. Ok, you need help... she's getting older.... oh never mind!
05. Wearing socks (you can't see my cool tattoo if I'm wearing socks)
04. Cold wind (it hurts!)
03. Frost or ice covered car windows (takes too long to defrost and I never think about it until I'm heading out the door with Peanut in tow)
02. Dry skin (I have dry skin anyway but it's worse in the winter)
01. It's freakin' COLD! Enough said.


madcapmum said...

I have to ask, Leslee - how cold is it in Enid today?

~Jennifer said...

This is one thing that is good about being 38. I just buy flowers for myself when I need them. :-)
Leslee, get thee to a florist, or Costco ,which is where I get my flowers. ;-)

Leslee said...

OK OK, Madcap, I know it's much much colder there in Canada. The high for today was suppose to be 50. You guys up north probably wear your shorts and tank tops when it's 50 degrees! I'm a wimp and that's why I live south!

Jennifer, I've bought myself flowers but my mood is much much better when someone else gives them to me!

Leslee said...

And another thing Mad Cap, I was talking in general terms. I don't like winter. I LOVE fall, but I HATE winter. It wasn't so bad this afternoon but this morning was a bit of a shock to my system.

madcapmum said...

Well, yes, shorts anyway. The hardier ones.

I won't snigger too much. Your 90F (apprx 32C) is enough to slow us Northerners to a snail's pace. But it was -20C here last night. (About -4F). Brrrr.

Girl said...

Ooooo...I hate the cold, too. I like to be able to walk outside and feel like the air is giving me a hug. The dry weather kills me, too.

What is your tatoo?

Leslee said...

Girl, I have a purple dragonfly on my right foot. I love it. Yes it hurt when I got it done. It makes me laugh when people ask that question, I know you didn't, but I'm sure someone out there is asking it in their minds. My usual reponse to people who ask though it, No, it was licked on by kittens! They give me this really weird look, it's wonderful!