Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who Were You In High School

Ok kids, I have nothing intersting to say about today, so how about a fun little quiz?

Arty Kid
Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.
You're probably a little less weird these days - but even more talented!


Mike Kear said...

I took it twice. The first time it said I was a Brainy Kid. That didn't sound right, so I took it again. The second time it said I was a Slacker.

Oh, brother!

Cindy said...

I was the Arty kid, too.

I don't know about that...I just think I was the loser who didn't talk to anybody and had low self-esteem.

Girl said...

I was the arty kid TOO!! But that makes sense...I went to a Performing Arts High School.

Leslee said...

Hmm... three Arty girls and one Slacker Boy...makes sense!