Friday, November 04, 2005

The Perfect Relaxation Room

My friend Cindy over at the Emmaus Theory (great blog go check it out if you haven't already) post the Friday Feast. It's made up of a Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Main Course, and of course Dessert. It's always fun to see what questions pop up there on the Friday Feast and to read everyone's responses. Today's Dessert had me thinking ALL day. "Describe your idea of the perfect relaxation room."
Well, if you want to read what I wrote click the link above and read the comments. I found this picture of the Jerash Ruins, in Jordan and thought this picture looked somewhat of the one I described. But the totally amazing website where I found this picture had such beautiful pictures I thought I must tell you all about them. Every single picture looked so serine! I could picture myself relaxed in every single one of these places, except maybe with the cows... but they looked pretty relaxed so maybe...and the koala's... I could just snuggle with them...oh, and don't get me started on the pictures of Italy, Scotland, Spain, Greek Islands, Syria....... go check them out! You won't be disappointed!

So tell me, what is your idea of the perfect relaxation room (or place).


~Jennifer said...

It's clean. There's a big comfy chair by the window with an ottoman. Next to the chair is a bookshelf full of books I'm planning to read. The window has a view of a beautiful garden with a pond. There's a table on the other side of the chair with a bunch of flowers in a big porcelin pitcher, and a place for me to put a nice tall glass of lemonade or a cup of tea. Hmmm, and I hope there's a bed too because now I'm feeling sleepy. Goodnight.

madcapmum said...

That picture with your post makes me dizzy...

Relaxation room. Hmmm. Wood floor, pale walls, big ol' chair and a quilt, a table with a few books that I've been waiting to read. Clean, quiet, and MINE. Someday I'm going to have MY OWN ROOM!