Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm so disappointed!

After waiting several weeks for Peanut's school pictures to come in, they finally did today. I've taken her to have her pictures made numerous times at this photography studio MANY times since birth and just knew they were going to be awesome pictures. Boy was I wrong. What ever happened to the days of getting a tiny proof, the size of a yearbook picture, to make sure you WANT the picture? Now a days they make you pay up front and good luck with pictures once you pick them up they're yours! I'm going to complain! I want my money back. I don't want to have to reschedule retakes! I wanted my pictures to be perfect in the first place! The benifits of working the same place my daughter goes to school in the AM is the fact tha I got to be nosey and check out all the other kid's pictures. They're all fine. Of course. It's just my daughter's pictures that look like dog doo! I'm not kidding, the 8X10 looks as though she has a second set of top teeth. My guess is Peanut was laughing when Mandy, yes, I even know her name, took the picture. It was digital, she could've taken a second one and deleted the first. But you'd think being "professional" and all that their cameras could pick up some speed or at least be aware of head movement and take a second one--just in case! I went in today, they were PACKED with people getting pictures made for holiday christmas cards, I'm sure it'll be the same story tomorrow. Mandy gets Wednesdays off, I didn't know this, so I get to go back tomorrow. So, what do you think my chances are of just getting my money back? I wonder what "special deals" they'll try to work out with me.

To tell you the truth, if they gave me my money back I would sing their praises forever. I've NEVER had problems with this studio before. Of course that was back when my friend Jessica worked there and took all of Peanut's pictures. This place would still be where I'd want to take Peanut to get her pictures taken if an event arose. They're reasonably priced to fit my budget (unlike the place we had a free sitting fee for a couple weeks ago who's prices are WAY WAY WAY overprices, but that's another story for another time...). I'm just disappointed. I'll let tomorrow worry about tomorrow.

Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite and if they do, bite them back!


Cindy said...

If they are an upstanding company and want your continued business, they should offer you a refund. However, I would imagine they will push for retakes with everything they've got.

madcapmum said...

Such a cute kid, it certainly wouldn't be hard to get a GOOD picture of her. Honestly. I hope they do right by you, Leslee.