Monday, September 11, 2006

A Square Peanut?

So the other day I took the Peanut to the doctor for a check up. The nurse came and got us, weighed her, 44 lbs, and took her height 45 inches.

"Oh look," replied the nurse, "you're almost square."

I'm kinda glad she's not.

*I was going to upload this funny picture but blogger won't let me*


HeyJules said...

Gosh, Leslee, that is too funny!

simple faith said...

Of all the words I would use to describe Peanut, square is most definitely not one of them!!

EmmaSometimes said...

square? hehe. How about like a golden birthday...10 on the 10th..she had her golden checkup!

Girl said...

Hee hee...the visual I have is MUCH better than a picture :)

Leslee said...

Jules, it made me chuckle there in the office.

Faith, no, square isn't a word that comes to my mind either in relation to Peanut.

Emma, that's funny!

Girl, I'm glad you've got a good imagination. I'm sure it's better then my picture!