Monday, November 20, 2006

Search Engines at work

LOL! My friend Susie posted about the strange search engine searches that come up for her blog. So I had to check mine out. They cracked me up!

21.05% blonde betty (gee, I call myself a blonde betty one time and my hits jump through the roof. What's up with that?)

21.05% i like big bucks (hee hee hee, funny song.)

10.53% fresh flowers for hair (I like baby's breath and fresia myself but a hibicus will give you that exoctic tropical look)

5.26% joanie a. rabbit, oklahoma (I don't know her, but I hope they find her)

5.26% making penguin sound (Peanut can do this if you need her to)

5.26% a picture of robin scorpios hair at luke and lauras wedding (she looked pretty, didn't she!)

5.26% fresh cut flowers (oh...well, that probably has something to do with my blog name)

5.26% ecclesiastes 3 1-8 (one of my favorite scriptures)

5.26% i am insecure about my looks (well, I'm not sure who you are but I do know that God made you just like you are and we all have difficulty feeling secure about our looks at one time or another)

5.26% what is a secure, insecure person (a secure person is just an insecure person faking security, trust me.)

5.26% shh there's a secret (yes, there is, but I'm not going to tell you)

5.26% lord's table captives liquid day what did you eat (well, since on the liquid day you get to get one real meal I skipped breakfast, usually opting for a slim fast or a smoothie, then I would eat a sensible lunch because I usually have lunch with my friends and for dinner I would have soup, usually chicken broth or tomato. Sometimes I would go to Starbucks and order a strawberries and creme frapaccino for dinner. This isn't exactly the best way to loose weight (the frapaccios and slim fast I mean), but it worked for me.)

What crazy searches come up for your blog?


EmmaSometimesGooglesToo said...

I posted mine too!!! It's catching.

revabi said...

I have no idea, but you do have some strange searches.

Anonymous said...

These search things are funny!
How do you find out?

Anonymous said...

What Lynn said. How?

Girl said...

Huh...I don't even know how to get this info...

Leslee said...

You know what I just realized? I didn't spell check this. Now you all know I can't spell worth a darn. In my defence I am a numbers girl, hence the finance office, I don't work with words very much.

Anyway Emmasometimesgooglestoo your were pretty funny too!

revabi thanks for delurking and I'll put up my stuff later today if I have time.

Lynn and Madcap you can check it out if you have a sitemeter.

Leslee said...

Girl check out your site meter! I know you have one, I remember seeing it.

Dapoppins said...

Well, everybody's doin it...and it's really funny. But I have the free site meter, and it dosen't do that.

Here by way of Emma and Gobhole Girl....(((wave)))

Badoozie said...

wow, someone was really getting information about insecurities from your blog...huh? have you ever even mentioned that?

Leslee said...

Yeah, Susie, I talking about being an insecure person who was faking security. Maybe they can relate.

{{wave back}} Hi Dapoppins! I like your new look at your blog!