Thursday, November 30, 2006

*snow* *snow* *snow*

The snow's coming down pretty good now. The weather man says we'll probably be one of the hardest hit areas in Oklahoma today. Peanut's school of course was canceled and my job follows the Enid Public School when it comes to bad weather so we have the day off too, which is good because otherwise Peanut would have to go to work with me and that's not so fun for either of us. Nickel even got snowed out so he came home and too us to grab a few essentials. First stop, Hastings where we dropped about $80 in movies, games, a puzzle, and a couple of Christmas presents that I was intending on picking up this weekend anyway. Then we hit the grocery store.

I hope we have enough junk food to last us through the snow storm! I even bought the kitties, dogs, and birds some food. Speaking of my dog, he's loving this weather. When we got home he came running up to us and had the biggest smile on his face. He loves snow!

I took this picture from inside the house and this is a good of zoom as I could get of Snoogans the Eskimo snow dog! He was checking out his friends next door.

Here's a picture from back in January, see how much my doggy loves snow and his girl! Ok, this post is long enough. I think I need some chocolate. I hope I can find some!


Badoozie said...

your dog was smiling? does he also attend pet therapy? maybe it was a grimace....maybe he hates you.....maybe he is going to kill you in your sleep

sorry, i got dark there for a sec

HeyJules said...

We're in the process of getting what is leftover from your place! I wish there was going to be enough to get me a snow day tomorrow but I bet it's going to be just another crappy day of driving to work.

Hey, if you find some chocolate, throw some my way!

Aunt Jo said...

MMMMMM oatmeal chocolate chip cookies! my favorite!

love your grinnin dog. he's handsome......

hope you enjoy your movies....i gotta go watch mine now. :o)

Leslee said...

Susie, do you watch a lot of horror flicks?

Jules, I'll throw you a brownie, ok?

Jo, I have made them yet, come on over (ha ha as if you could) and I'll whip them up so they're nice and warm!

Girl said...

How fun!! Enjoy the snow. It's 70 degrees here today!! WE LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND!!!!!

Funky-Redhead said...

" Siberian Huky in his natural habitat, hunting..."