Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The proposal

I interrupt this Calvin and Hobbes fest (which will probably continue either later today or tomorrow) to tell you a new Peanut story.

One of the benifits I enjoy about the church I work at is my daughter gets to attend the morning preschool for free then they take her to her afternoon kindergarten in the public school system. Peanut enjoys coming to work with me and really like going to preschool which is focused on Jesus.

Yesterday the lady who takes her to her afternoon school came up to me. She usually has a silly story to tell me about Peanut and Poke's Fan's conversation. They think they are so grown up. They act like brother and sister and have often talked about living together as brother and sister. But yesterday, Poke's Fan asked Peanut to marry him. She immediatly told him no. She wasn't ready to settle down and he didn't have a job to support her lavish spending habits. Ok, that last part I added, but I'm sure she was thinking it!

Of course by the time I was her age I had already married to Deuce. It was a lovely ceremony. I walked down the hall with my blanket over my head and he walked down the hall with my sand bucket over his. Then my brother (who later married me for real to Nickel) married us. We didn't kiss, I didn't like kissing boys, I just wanted to be married to Deuce because that's what people did when they liked each other.

I'm glad that Peanut has her priorities set. I'm sure she's thinking she needs to finish her education, become sucessful, and travel before she settles down. Besides, I'm kinda booked up right now with church weddings (7 on the books now between now and July including one this weekend) so I don't have time to plan hers as well. I hope she didn't break Poke's Fan's heart too bad, they still have a semester of school left of preschool.


~Jennifer said...

Ah, young love can be such an adventure. I remember my son's kindergarten romance with Brittney K. (That's what everyone called her because there was like a gazillion Brittneys in kindergarten.)

grannyfiddler said...

i ran away at age 3 with the boy next door to get married. we lived near a small river, so by the time we had returned after dark, from visiting the minister (who gently told us we must wait till we were a little older, gave us each a nickel for ice cream, and told us to go straight home, not knowing we lived more than a mile away) the police were dragging the river for our lifeless bodies, and our mums were hysterical. i bumped into him years later, and we both remembered the day well. his girlfriend, who happened to be the elder sister of a friend of mine, and whom he later married, made a point of being nasty to me thereafter.

Peanut is a wise young woman.